The CamLust Ranking System

Did you ever want to know the secret of what it takes to get your model profile on the front page and get seen by more members? Well today is your lucky day as we want to be as transparent as possible when it comes to our ranking system.


How Does The Ranking System On CamLust Work?


So what does it take to get your model profile featured on the front page? Actually, there is one main factor at play. That is the point system. There are certain actions that you can take on CamLust that allow you to earn points. These actions range from adding a certain number of images to your profile to referring new members to the platform using a referral link.


As you start earning more points, our systems will internally calculate your point score. Based on this score, your model profile will then begin to appear higher and more prominently until you reach the top positions on the front page. Neat, right?


Earning Points On CamLust


As mentioned before, certain actions have a certain point value associated with it and so when you perform that action, you get those points. We encourage our models to take some time to complete their profiles for their chance to be one of the top featured models.


Here is a quick overview of each action and the points you can earn:



Points Earned

Log in and use the LustApp


Keep the CamLust website open


Enable the messenger chat function


Upload more than 6 photos to your model profile


Upload a teaser video for your model profile


Upload multiple teaser videos for your model profile


Link your LustSnap subscription to your model profile


Link your ClipLust video to your model profile 


Refer at least one paying member


Receive a 5 star review on your model profile


Receive a 4 star review on your model profile



It Is Well Worth Building Up Your Profile


As you can see, many of the points you can earn are received by taking some time to fill your profile, connect your accounts, and regularly visit the platform. Positive reviews of above 3 stars are also a good boost, but it is worth noting that reviews of below 3 stars have a negative impact on your point score.


The ultimate goal of this point system is to ensure that models who take the time to work on their CamLust profile and provide high quality shows are duly rewarded. At the same time, it makes it more likely that members will want to get in contact with you too.


Think you have what it takes to get your model profile to the front page? Register your account for free and start earning points!



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