2.50$ per minute
  • Rating
  • Age 19
  • Sex Female
  • Location Kiev, Ukraine
  • Sexual orientation Straight
  • Speaks English, Ukrainian, Russian
  • Eyes Blue
  • Hair Black
  • Constitution Slender
  • Breast size Medium: C-D

My name is Alice. 🐇🎩 I'm very curious and ambitious girl 19 years old, who never give up! I was born in Ukraine, 🇺🇦 now living here and will be to live here a lot off happy years more after all civilian world will victory 🌬🌝
Young, but not very shy girl who has very little experience, but is willing to learn many naughty things. 

The biggest fetish for me, it is you, so excited that I feel that you are completely in my hands and choose to turn your dreams into reality and remain the most unforgettable in your life, I hope you want to please me too 🤤😈
I am a very diligent student, and if I do something, I always try to be the best, I sure that you will appreciate it)

Can you show me something what I had never seen before? Will it be the dirtiest, or will it be insanely sensual? Will you show me something that I never tried before, or will it be new sensations from habitual actions that I have never experienced? How do you think?🤔🤭

Will you be my teacher? 👨🏻‍🏫😏

In my Skype-shows, I tried, and I like to do:

  • 😋 teasing
  • foot fetish 🩰
  • 💋 light BDSM
  • dirty talks 💁🏻‍♀️
  • 🧞‍♀️ blowjob/deep throat
  • slaps (tits, butt, face) 🧏🏻‍♀️
  • 😈 sucking and biting boobs
  • just talking :D 👩🏻‍❤️‍👨🏽
  • 🧏🏻‍♀️ dildo pussy/ride a dildo
  • girlfriend experience 🫂
  • 🚿 shower show
  • anal (only with fingers, plugs or special toy) 🙉
  • 🤪 double penetration (for anal: fingers, plugs, little toy)
  • a lot off slaver
  • 🫦  for my big sad I can't squirt, but I really would like to cum with you, so don't forget about my pleasure too and share with me your cam (and cum :*D) and ideas
  •  I love my own body and mind, so I'm open for new things and experiment, so don't be shy and write me about your unusual prefers or a bit strange fetish. I want to see and feel your pleasant and pleasure, I desire to be the reason of your satisfaction.  I will climb up you to the sky in our calls, you full, feel the freedom!                                                     😵‍💫 many dreams have already come true because of me, and you are the next! 😵‍💫

I have for our perfect time:

  • stockings, 
  • Lovense Lush 3, 🫀
  •  🧦 socks, 
  • 2 vibrators from my favorite "Fan Factory", 🐙
  • ☄️ dildo (20sm), 
  • heels (for strip and usual) 👠
  • 👔 suits (schoolgirl, chambermaid)
  • oil ⚱️
  • 🪩 3 anal plugs for any taste (1 with vibration ^^)
  • lipstick (different colors) 💄
  • 🥛 fake sperm
  • paints for body  🪄
  • 🧸 ears (cat's/rabbit's)

I like to make photos and videos, and hope to make you as horny as I am while I create it! So if you wanna custom, write me, be free and honest, and I'm sure we will both enjoy that. 

I almost forgot, I know the road to Wonderland 🐇 🎩

If I do something, I want to be the best, so I will be better and hotter day by day 🔥 Favorite tattoo on my body is on my collarbone "Born to Win" 🐣

See you on the top 😉





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  • hegg - 2022-06-17

    perfect show, perfect girl

  • Awesome - 2022-06-16

    Amazing show



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