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$2.00 per minute

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  • Rating
  • Age 25
  • Sex Female
  • Location Moscow, Russian Federation
  • Sexual orientation Lesbian
  • Speaks English, Turkish, Russian
  • Eyes Green
  • Hair Black
  • Constitution About Average
  • Breast size Medium: C-D

extreme toys:

-- wax
-- gag
-- whip
-- handcuffs
-- blindfold
-- nipple clip
-- belt
-- lace
-- rope

what I love:

-- Talking dirty
-- Foot fetish
-- Roleplaying
-- Striptease
-- Fingering
-- Playing with my toys
-- Talking dirty 
-- Panty stuffing in my wet pussy 
-- sexy heels, stockings or outfits for you
-- Cum shows with my vibe and my toys or fingers!
-- Other fetishes but do ask  

what I have:

-- Shorts and leggings
-- Sexy skirts
-- Toys
-- Stockings
-- Thongs
-- High heels
-- Dresses

-- Masturbation
-- Deep penetration
-- Executing your requests
-- Lingerie
-- Toys
-- Heels
-- Stockings
-- Foot fetish
-- Spanking
-- Oil
-- And a lot of other stuff
-- milk 

-- I love my job and respect this field of activity.
I ask you to show respect for me, both as a model and as a woman!
Be polite and also keep track of the time of our show if you made an advance payment.

-- I don’t do a preview for free - the model is submitted to the site through verification and is checked regularly.
but if you do not believe in the authenticity of my account or that I am real,
then you can send me 3-5 USD so that I can turn on the camera for the preview.

-- please pay for a sequel before continuing the show .
I can't just take your word for it that you will pay for a new time after the show ends. Thank.

-- Special shows may attract a separate surcharge for the show, so please clarify your desires and a comparable price.

-- I'm sure you won't be bored here.
Since I can improvise with absolutely any props for the show.
But please check in advance. If you have any wishes or ideas, please do not hesitate, just ask me,
this way we will save a lot of time before the show starts.
I will be waiting for your call.  XOXO

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$2.00 per minute

Send payment anonymously
(no account required)

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