1.70$ per minute
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  • Age 19
  • Sex Transgender
  • Location bucaramanga, Colombia
  • Sexual orientation Bicurious
  • Speaks English, español
  • Eyes Brown
  • Hair Black
  • Facial Hair Clean Shaven
  • Foreskin Uncut
  • Endowments 6-8”
  • Body Types About Average


High quality professional camera HD

Good professional microphone

Sound activated, I hear everything you tell me

Professional lighting

Internet of high s***d

Hello guys, I'm Sara, a 19-year-old Colombian trans girl, weight 60 kilos and I'm 1,64 cm, I love playing and having fun, I like to fuck my ass, give a big deep blowjob, I like to dance for you, do twerk, I love masturbating, do not hesitate to write me if you want to spend a nice time, I like to talk about different themes, so you do not get bored with me, if you trust me I'll take you to ecstasy and I'll make you a delicious cum for me


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  • kl - 2022-07-07


  • Erk - 2021-12-15

    So amazing. Best I've found.

  • seif ragheb - 2021-11-09

    the most descent model in the web and also so attractive

  • Daddy - 2021-10-27

    Best TS on here!

  • Jay - 2021-10-05

    Great cam

  • Justjay - 2021-09-24

    Great cam experience!!!!!!!

  • X - 2021-09-19




$1.70 per minute

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