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  • Rating
  • Age 23
  • Sex Female
  • Location Warsaw, Poland
  • Sexual orientation Bisexual
  • Speaks English, Russian
  • Eyes Brown
  • Hair Dark Brown
  • Constitution A Few Extra Pounds
  • Breast size Large: DD-DDD-E

About me

Hello guys my name Viktoriya, sexy, flirtatious, beautiful, with a soft voice and an incredible smile. If you like innocence... I will be to please come enjoy...
I promise you that our meetings the best and most passionate you ever had in your whole life.
I love to flirt me and tell me how sexy I am at that moment makes me feel wanted and free to do whatever he wants to p lease you. I like to be there and enjoy my show, I love doing different things and special for you.
I enjoy a good chat and a game of touch and sex, love enjoy my toys, come with me fly with my imagination and have unique experiences.
Take my hand and we go together on the path of pleasure... I can be that woman who surprises you without you imagining it. I can give you a special moment you will want to repeat again and again.
I like that you dominate me and make me shudder. Good humor is the most attractive thing I like about a man I love to dance and smile. Laughter is the fuel of life

❤️What I Like?
❀ I love to chat, laugh, have fun with all of you
❀ I love talking, undressing and making love with you! The real gentlemen excite me more. I hope that a man also wants to please me and not just wait for me to like him.
I love that they let my imagination fly.
❀ I love nice, communicative and sexy men, willing to expel pleasure. Those who have ideas for the show, who propose.
❀ What can you expect from my show?

Words can be as powerful as you want them to be, just as my imagination doesn't let any detail escape. Every second I will show you how sensual I can be for you while you tell me each of your fantasies come true with me
I love making every special moment, so I make sure I know exactly what you want and can please you from the first moment. Dare to tell me your darkest wishes.
Do you like to see the best combination? pleasure and lust!
I am a girl, sometimes very happy, sometimes very pervert, and if you know how to treat me you will get a surprise. Because I feel very original and a girl who loves to give everything when something or someone deserves it.
Dare to reach your limits with me, I will show you that an interesting conversation is the begging of something else, it makes you feel at the climax.
You will have a mix of fun with an inexplicable flame of lust, passion and temptation. Let me take you to the limit and be able to mix your thoughts with our realities.

❤️ Something than maybe you will like
♥Pleasing Pussy
♥Fingering pussy
♥Toys in pussy
♥Pussy spread
♥Clit playing
♥Close-up pussy
♥Close-up booty
♥Ass spread
♥Oil Ass
♥Creamy Ass
♥Your name on my ass
♥Ass Slapping
♥Sloppy Blowjob
♥Licking toy
♥Cum in my mouth
♥Tits teasing
♥Licking nipples
♥Titty fucking
♥Oil Tits
♥Nipples playing

 **If there is something else you would like to try, please tell me and we will figure out a way so both be happy**

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