1.00$ per minute
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  • Age 22
  • Sex Female
  • Location cali, Colombia
  • Sexual orientation Bisexual
  • Speaks English, Spanish
  • Eyes Brown
  • Hair Auburn
  • Constitution Very Voluptuous
  • Breast size Extra large: F+
  • Height 100 cm / 3"3 inch
  • Weight 30 Kg / 66 lbs
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  • Category BDSM/Fetish
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#### ⭐ 'im *KORY*, I'm 22 years old. I am passionate, always ready to everything your mind can imagine, I will make all your fantasies come and take you to another level, seeking to draw your attention to have a good time together.
### Let's start a fresh game with a very happy ending ... come on!


❣ Sex therapist - Doctor - Teacher - Wifes best - Your best friends mom - Your boss - Housewife - Schoolgirl or Teacher- Submissive girl - Nurse and Patient - Wife and Husband -

## ❤️What I Like?

❀ I love to chat, laugh, have fun with all of you
❀ I love talking, undressing and making love with you! The real gentlemen excite me more. I hope that a man also wants to please me and not just wait for me to like him.
I love that they let my imagination fly.
❀ I love nice, communicative and sexy men, willing to expel pleasure. Those who have ideas for the show, who propose.


##  TECH INFO ❤️
* Fast S***d Internet
* Wed Camara Logitech C920
* Sound
* Right Light


## ❤️ My schedule is ⌚
Check my availability and make your reservation
Colombia hour


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  • Grey - 2022-12-01

    Worst show ever, don't bother.



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