1.00$ per minute
  • Rating
  • Age 18
  • Sex Female
  • Location Barranquilla, Colombia
  • Sexual orientation Bisexual
  • Speaks English, French, Spanish
  • Eyes Black
  • Hair Black
  • Constitution Slender
  • Breast size Small: A-B

I like talk and play, you can have a very hot show or casual in here, i like talk about games, movie, normal day, and casual thing

I love fetishes and fantasies but my favorite is realize fetishes, i have cosplays/costumes (you can chooice what you like more for i put for you) and much accessories (like dildos ans plugs BDSM clothes, belts...) for fun together.

Contact me and get to know paradise

I'm sweet and naughty at the same time I will take off the floor and drive you crazy. I will make you delusional horny.

I love games and new experiencies too, you deserve the "new experience" ME of couse hehehhe

Your girl wait for you, im in my room with much horny for make you very very hard ♥

I want much make you cum so hard to me wherenever wanna, i will love know and feel it, let me know when it ♥ cum together is my passion ♥

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  • Vr - 2022-09-03

    Smart, cute, sweet, hot and tiny sexy little girl. Amazing....the best i've ever seen.

  • Your nightmare - 2022-08-15

    Distracted with her other customers during call and ended call quickly not worth your time

  • Alexis3 - 2022-08-12

    Little_Avy is really cute, kind and sexy,The show was incredible and really really hot! 🔥🔥♨️🔥 I highly recommend her!

  • Anthony_305 - 2022-07-17

    Very hot performance

  • Den - 2022-07-04

    Super Cute AND beautiful Girl. Does whatever you want. 5 Stars

  • M - 2022-06-17

    Really amazing and worth it, sensuality can go a long way with avy you are going to be enamored and in a paradise like you could never imagine. She’s just a natural flower that stands out in a field, never looking back shes the one to never miss out on

  • M - 2022-06-15

    There is no one here as sensual she can be… if you can speak the language of love she will show you how faithful she is to be at your side… she truly makes me feel like a man on top of the world and her smile and face will definitely will be difficult to forget

  • H - 2022-06-11

    Gorgeous girl , dream x

  • Anon - 2022-06-10


  • Anon - 2022-06-10




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