1.50$ per minute
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  • Age 20
  • Sex Female
  • Location Kharkov, Ukraine
  • Sexual orientation Bisexual
  • Speaks English, Russian
  • Eyes Green
  • Hair Blonde
  • Constitution Slender
  • Breast size Small: A-B
  • Height 159 cm / 5"3 inch
  • Weight 51 Kg / 112 lbs
  • Social
  • Category Girlfriend experience
  • Keywords

    anal squirt

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Hi! Glad to see you on my page! Do you want an naughty, vulgar and depraved show? Then you have made the right choice, that you drawn your attention on me, after all I will embody in reality your the most dirty dreams. What would you like? Voice me your wishes by writing to me or talking to me because I have a good microphone with HD web cam! My flexible and graceful body is ready to open to you fully, you will be satisfied completely. Call me, I'm waiting for you, baby!

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  • J - 2021-05-12

    Was the first bad show I really ever had here. Model said she spoke English and understood almost nothing I said and couldn’t follow simple commands like “move closer to the cam.” She also sat in a very dark room with little light. I couldn’t even see her eyes. What parts of her body she exposed, she would cover with her hands. Just the worst.

  • xxxx - 2020-09-30


  • Magrebi - 2020-07-05

    niice show with her, really enjoyed it

  • pauliefrog - 2020-06-23

    very sexy fun and mmmm

  • James - 2020-05-04

    Always perfect

  • James - 2020-04-30

    Sweet girl always wants to please and does always wants to make sure there's just as pleased as she is

  • James - 2020-04-29

    She puts on a nice show she needs a little bit better lighting

  • James - 2020-04-24

    She's always looking to satisfy you very sexy young lady

  • James - 2020-04-23

    Very sexy young lady always looking to please she is amazing and goes above and beyond

  • James - 2020-04-23

    Enjoyed every minute with her very personal very likable very sexy and can entertain



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