Miss Madison Stone

Miss Madison Stone

5.00$ per minute

Miss Madison Stone

$5.00 per minute

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  • Rating
  • Age 43
  • Sex Female
  • Location Vancouver, Canada
  • Sexual orientation Straight
  • Speaks English
  • Eyes Blue
  • Hair Blonde
  • Constitution Athletic and Toned
  • Breast size Large: DD-DDD-E

I'm Miss Madison Stone, professional dominatrix & humiliation expert. With over 20yrs of female domination offline & 16yrs online, I'm a pioneer in the BDSM community. My experience & skills are well utilized.....you will see the difference & find yourself completely addicted. 

Best known for getting inside the minds of weak stroke junkies who's weakness is beautiful bratty dommes that you have zero chance with. You are my muse & I will have you begging for more. Gooning to me will become your new habit....EDGE, EDGE, EDGE! Got toys for your ass? How about a bottle of rush sniffers? You're going to be soooo screwed, Goddess Owns you NOW!

Live Shows are Femdom For: Slaves, Subs, Betas, Gooners & Losers ONLY. 

I do NOT do "vanilla" shows EVER. I will not masturbate or do pussy worship.

My Shows are TRUE femdom  & fetish based


Show Topics Available

Gay/Bi fetishes: strapon, tranny fantasy, shemale fantasy, gloryholes, coerced gay, coerced bi, faggot training, BBC, sissies, crossdressing, grindr encouragement.

Mind Fuck: amyl nitrate, line sniffers, inhalants, financial domination, findom, wallet draining, gooning, edging, homewrecker, blueballs, tease & denial, ass worship, cleavage worship, ruined orgasm, sexual rejection, jerkoff instructions, chastity, ignore fetish, blackmail fantasy, chastity, cbt, ballbusting, cum count down.

Muscle: muscle worship, flexing, wimp humiliation, yoga pants worship, sweaty ass licking.

ASS: ass worship, ass smelling, ass cleaning, smother, farting, "porcelain" seat fetish.

Foot Fetish: Foot worship, wrinkled soles, toe worship, smelly feet, socks, sneakers, heels, boots.

Humiliation: verbal humiliation, small penis humiliation, virgin humiliation, loser abuse, weight humiliation, pillow humping, pocket pussy training, cum eating instructions, ignore fetish.

*** Femdom Webcam Rates ***

 5 Minutes = $15(Non Nude) / $20 (Topless) / $25(Nude)
 10 Minutes  = $30(Non Nude) / $40 (Topless) / $50 (Nude)
 15 Minutes = $45 (Non nude) / $60 (Topless) / $75 (Nude)

 10 Minutes = $60 (Non Nude) / $80 (Topless) / $100 (Nude)

***  Extra Femdom Rates ***

 $2/Min Sexting (No Media)
 $2.5/min Sexting (Includes Media)
 $2/Min Ignore Shows (NonNude), $2.5/min (Topless), $3/Min (Nude)
 $2/min Voice Clips / Mp3
 $5 Per Photo
 $150/10 minutes - Custom Videos
 $25 Clothing Requests (Up to 3 items)
 $10 Footwear Requests
 $50 Unblock From Skype / Discord / Social Media
 $50 Social Media Exposure
 $75 Social Media Exposure Removal
 $15 Dick or Body Rating
 $15 For 3 Spins on the LOSER Wheel


I NOW offer Lovense shows where you use a remote anal toy on YOURSELF & I control the vibrations remotely through the app. This feature can be added to your live cam show with me as well as any time of the day within MY working hours. Be at work, or out for dinner & I will buzz your ass. Add to live webcam for FREE or send a tribute of $60/half day (6 messages included 6hr of random buzzing) or $100/full day (10 messages included. 12hr of random buzzing). 

My Lovense Affiliate Link CLICK HERE

Props I use for shows: 

  • Strapons (Small to extra large. All colors)
  • Pocket Pussy
  • Floggers
  • Whips
  • Paddles
  • Belts
  • Measuring Tape
  • Green Light / Red Light
  • Chastity
  • Magnify Glass
  • Loser Wheel
  • Oil (For feet & Strapons)
  • Makeup


  • 20yrs of professional domination service offline & 16yrs online.
  • Thousands of positive reviews from various sites
  • Top selling clips on various sites
  • Various femdom magazine interviews
  • A REAL dominatrix...yes there are many unexperienced online.
  • Top Femdom on various sites
  • Extensive dungeon owner & yes I have a stable of subs. 

Being a submissive slut makes it so easy to manipulate you, surrender to your Alpha. We both know you can't stop fantasizing about pleasing me. You will submit to my intoxicating sadistic demeanour one stoke at a time, falling deeper into subspace wanting to please me. Depositing your beta brain cells into my big cleavage one stroke at a time. I control your penis & I will decide whether you get denied or rewarded with a release. Get noticed and binge on my clips...be warned though, I'm HIGHLY addictive. 

More About Your Queen

  • Canadian/German
  • Speak Fluent English
  • Brazilian Ju-Jitsu Martial Artist
  • Fitness Model
  • GreenSmoke Friendly
  • 115lbs
  • Love Electronic Music
  • I Enjoy Documentaries
  • Highest Education - Notre Dame Executive Business 
  • Tattoos & Peircings 
  • Vancouverite!

* 4K Video CamerasEquipment I use

* Fiber Optics - Fastest Internet Connection

* Professional LED Lighting (Several different types)

* Professional Sound Set & mixers

* High End Alienware Gaming System

Shows are femdom/fetish/humiliation based ONLY, NO exceptions. I am a TRUE dominatrix not a vanilla provider.
I will NOT play with myself/masturbate.
NO pussy worship
NO being my cuckold. you will NOT clean me up after. I will, however talk about your GF or wife cucking you.
NO you can NOT cum on me anywhere.
NO I do NOT squirt!
NO topping from the bottom.
I do NOT perform with other dommes. NO group shows.
NO scripts - I will NOT act out your scene! Buy a custom video for that!
NO barking orders/demands or bad manners.
I will NOT tolerate any disrespect, you will be blocked. The unblock fee is $50 is you have learn how to behave & follow my rules.
Payment is ONLY through ! No excuses. Do NOT ask if I take Paypal, Amazon, Cashapps etc. I will block you
Do NOT call me babe, sexy, bb, sweetie, dear, hun. My name is MISS MADISON! Alternatively you may call me Mistress, Mam, Goddess, Princess, Queen.
Do not call me without making sure I'm available first & you have paid.
I will not engage is FREE sexting or free previews.
I tend to my shows by who has paid me first! I will not wait around wasting my time. He who pays first, gets the show first.
Do NOT negotiate my rates! They are firm. NO discounts.
Do NOT ask me if I'm available for a show unless you want a show then. I do not do "future" shows. You will be ingored.
No rollover minutes.

Wardrobe - Extra Fees Apply

  • Yoga pants (MORE COMING SOON!)
  • Sports Bras
  • Tight Jeans
  • Bikinis
  • Bodysuits
  • PVC/Latex
  • Shiny
  • Classy Dresses
  • Summer Dresses
  • Jean Shorts
  • Silk housecoat
  • Sneakers
  • Sandals
  • High Heels
  • PVC Boots

Superior Femdom - With Experience, Top Notch Service & Professionalism comes:

  • Top Rated Clips
  • Top Rated Stores
  • Top 1% earnings
  • Top Fanclub
  • Thousands of POSITIVE reviews


Photos & Videos

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Miss Madison Stone
Miss Madison Stone
Miss Madison Stone
Miss Madison Stone


  • addictedloser - 2020-04-09

    I'm thankful loser for your time.

  • littledickdan - 2020-04-08

    Mistress Madison is my new favorite domme. She's very good at humiliating my small dick and hotter on cam x

  • Johnnyrok - 2020-01-12

    YES omg....what a fucking hot bratty domme

  • pervyboyxx - 2020-01-12

    Wow Miss Madison sure knows how to make a loser feel like a super loser. Thank!

  • Betaboyxx - 2020-01-12

    Miss Madison was great at reminding me of how pathetic my tiny penis is. Thank you, Mistress! I can't wait to worship you again.


Miss Madison Stone

$5.00 per minute

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