Stacey Stone

Stacey Stone

2.00$ per minute
  • Rating
  • Age 21
  • Sex Female
  • Location Kyev, Ukraine
  • Sexual orientation Bisexual
  • Speaks English
  • Eyes Green
  • Hair Redhead
  • Constitution About Average
  • Breast size Small: A-B



* No free previews.

* Payments only through site.

* If call was stopped by you or by tecnical problems at your side its up to me callback or not. No refunds.

* Do not record me. If I notice I'll stop show, ban you and write support.

* No discount for a show.

* Don't ask me to do things prohibited by the rules of the site.

* If you pay or call you automatically accept all rules above.






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Stacey Stone


  • Simon96 - 2022-09-27

    Great show! Amazing girl, really. Beautiful face, beautiful body, great ass - and most important, great attitude. What you can expect more.

  • Ian - 2022-09-17

    Stacey is the best! So sexy and listens to all your wishes and not only gives a hot show but she’s actually very nice and not pushy which isn’t exactly how most models can be (am I right?). But it’s just even so much more hot to have this sexy redhead showing her perfect body but she is actually 100% fluent in English and absolutely takes commands perfectly adding so much to the experience! 5 stars is not enough stars but it will have to do.

  • Hayes - 2022-08-03

    Very beautiful model who could actually be a real model. Also has a fantastic, natural body, speaks fluent (better than many of my co-workers) English and is very wonderful with accommodating requests and giving the the perfect show you ask for. I thought she was wonderful and can’t wait to see her again.

  • Mark - 2022-08-03

    The perfect woman. The perfect show.

  • Jason - 2022-04-06

    If you want to spend time with the most beautiful girl on this site and who can not only give you a hot af show but also can have an intelligent conversation in perfect English, Stacey is your girl. If you want to spend money and get someone with gorgeous, wavy red hair and a perfect body from head to toe, Stacey is your girl. She is the best model here, wants nothing more than to please you, and gets better each time.

  • IN LOVE - 2022-03-14

    I really want to leave a bad review because i dont want anyone else to call her. But i am in love so i wont. thats how good she is. Just talking. nasty shit. she delivers on both. hands down my fabvirite. you will fall in love,

  • fay - 2022-02-07

    wonderful show

  • Andrew - 2022-01-30

    Stacey is absolutely wonderful! Her english is exactly as good as she promises: She read through my convoluted role-play scenario and understood it perfectly! She's warm, wonderful, fun, and GORGEOUS. She deserves more than five stars but that's all this site will give me! Thank you so much, Stacey!

  • Mike - 2022-01-28

    Awesome time with Stacy!

  • Jason - 2021-10-25

    Such a gorgeous, intelligent girl with the most beautiful hair in the history of the world and a body to match. Every time with Stacey it’s like going to heaven. We can have incredible conversations (her English is amazing) and then we can still have the hottest shows and I love all of it equally. She’s accommodating and patient with outfits and anything I request and many on here are not this way at all. Overall just a perfect time with a perfect girl every single time I have a show with her. She’s the best. Thank you dear!


Stacey Stone

$2.00 per minute

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