2.00$ per minute


$2.00 per minute


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  • Age 24
  • Sex Female
  • Location Denver, United States of America (USA)
  • Sexual orientation Bisexual
  • Speaks English
  • Eyes Green
  • Hair Blonde
  • Constitution Slender
  • Breast size Medium: C-D

Hi, I'm April. I'm here to please. <3

I love taking Daddy's load! Just the thought of being a good little girl for Daddy turns me on... will you help me out?

What I Offer

  • Strip tease
  • Nipple play
  • Outfits (little girl, lingerie, BDSM)
  • Pussy play / penetration (fingers/toy)
  • Ass play / penetration (fingers/toy)
  • Spanking
  • Shower / bathtub
  • On the road / road head
  • Fetish / taboo
  • Dildo sucking
  • C2C
  • Live orgasm
  • Girlfriend experience
  • Couple

CamLust Services

  • 5 minute minimum
    Yes, I will get completely naked for you.
  • Minimums required:
    Thigh-high stockings (10 min)
    Toe socks (10 min) 
    Vibrator / dildo / nipple clamps (10 min)
    Outfits (10 min)
    Full lingerie (any combo of the following: teddy, garterbelt, thigh-high stockings, cage bra, heels  -  15 min)
    Shower/bathtub (10 min)
    Ass play (10 min)
  • If your camera disconnects I will remain on the line for a few minutes. If you can't reconnect, it is your loss. 

Additional Services

  • Private WhatsApp number: $40
    I will chat with you and send pictures at my convenience   <3
  • Panties, mailed to you: $35
    Cute little XS panties, worn 24 hours (and I'm a juicy little girl!) + picture of me wearing them
    Want me to cum while wearing them? $50 total
  • Stockings/socks/etc mailed to you: please message me
  • Girlfriend Experience, 24 hours: $75
    Includes sweet texting, flirting, and pics for 24 hours
  • Ask me about my photo and video sets!
    POV blowjob with facial
    POV anal
    Anonymous CNC
    Daddy uses his little girl as a fuck doll
    Tied up in the woods
    Boudoir shibari

Don't be shy, please reach out <3

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$2.00 per minute


Send payment anonymously
(no account required)

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