Jazzy B

Jazzy B

2.00$ per minute

Jazzy B

$2.00 per minute

  • Rating
  • Age 22
  • Sex Female
  • Location Houston, United States of America (USA)
  • Sexual orientation Lesbian
  • Speaks English
  • Eyes Brown
  • Hair Black
  • Constitution Voluptuous
  • Breast size Extra large: F+

I’m new to Camlust, please be patient with me on this journey. I do plan on doing cos play undress and dress later on as I get better. I wouldn’t mind  being naughty and doing some things in public while wearing a dress. Tell me what you want to talk about or want me to do. I’m very submissive. 

Turn ons:Anyone who is very understanding, men with beards, ladies with boobs, a nice perky nipple, dominant men, submissive women. (Depending on my mood). 


I do not give you permission to screenrecord these sessions, I Will find out. I do have a pornhub page so you can see those videos anytime on there. There’s no need to record our private sessions. 


Technical issues on your end will not be refunded. I will try my best to accommodate you. If it’s absolutely my fault with connection I will refund you. Or give you a free show. 



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Jazzy B

$2.00 per minute


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