1.40$ pe minut
  • Rating
  • Vârstă 23
  • Sex Femeie
  • Locație Харьков, Ukraine
  • Orientare sexuală Heterosexual
  • Vorbește Russian, Ukrainian
  • Ochi Gri
  • Păr Blond închis
  • Constituție Mediu
  • Mărime sâni Mari: DD-DDD-E


❤️Hello my dear friend, let's get acquainted, I am Leia and I am 23 years old. I am Ukrainian lush, sexy girl with big, juicy breasts, who is waiting for your call.
I just love it when you lust for me, I'm open to your fantasies and wishes, just tell me about them and I'll try to fulfill them for you.
I can obey you, but I'll never disrespect you.
I can be a very gentle and vulnerable girl, or I can be a mad mistress.

⭐ I have a good camera (Logitech Webcam HD Pro C920) and sound

 I'm online 
⭐12:00 - ❤️03:30 (GMT+3)
⭐05:00 - ❤️20:30 (GMT+4)
⭐09:00 - ❤️00:30 (GMT+1)

✔️ I get asked very often "What am I doing in my calls?" and so we both don't have to waste time explaining it, I wrote it for you in advance:
✔️  cam2 cam (2$/min)
✔️  stripping (1$/min)
✔️  real orgasm (From 10 minutes prepaid)
 ✔️  Pussy masturbation (with fingers)
 ✔️ Toy sex ($2.5/minute) 
 ✔️ Oral sex (2.5$/minute) 
 ✔️ Foot fetish
✔️ Wearing underwear (bra, thong), stockings, pantyhose (tip 7$)
 ✔️ Playing with my boobs
✔️ Oil show (From 10 minutes prepaid)
✔️ Ignoring / humiliating / blackmailing
✔️ Sexting ($1.3/min)
✔️Changing outfits or adding to the call (tights, stockings - white/black, bras, tops, leggings, panties, socks) - prepayment from 10 minutes call/ or $10 tip
 ✔️ Anal ($4.5/minute) 
✔️ 1 photo - ($5)/no nude photo ($3) 
✔️ 1 minute video - ($8)
✔️ Straight naked ($10 tip) / or $3.50/minute 


⭐ I don't do quick shows ( 5 minute minimum) if you want "Quick Fun" I don't mind, but I won't tolerate you acting like a stiff and dropping at 0:58 seconds!!! Respect the model's time! You will be blocked right away! 
 ❤️ Quick show - $10 tip and you can end the call at either 1 minute or 5 minutes.

 ❌ MY RULES:❌ 
 ❌ I don't do quick shows ($10 tip - 0:01 seconds to 5:00 minutes)
 ❌ I do not reschedule (if you have paid and reset for your own reasons)
❌ I don't do free previews ( call and check my camera, sound, etc) 
❌ I don't do dirty shows ( don't even ask me about it )
❌ I will not tolerate insults or humiliation ( unless it's a role play ) 
❌ No photos or recordings of my shows are allowed! If you are seen doing this, I will end the call immediately and keep the money!
❌ All games are 18+ ONLY.
❌ I don't use extraneous payments!
❌ I don't speak foreign languages, only my native language (if you're not happy with that, please just don't add me!) I USE VOICE OR TEXT TRANSLATION!

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  • Idelbrando - 2022-07-18

    Beautiful girl, very sweet and gentle. Very sexy body.



$1.40 pe minut

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