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  • Возраст 48
  • Пол Женщины
  • Местонахождение Pozsony, Slovak Republic (Slovakia)
  • Сексуальная ориентация Натурал
  • Говорит English, German
  • Глаза Зеленые
  • Волосы Блонд
  • Размер груди Большой: DD-DDD-E

I like to make money, to make business, to have lot of orgasms and experience life in as many ways possible.

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  • - 2023-07-01

  • Maestrod - 2022-11-18

    Her pictures looking perfect but when you do show with her you will see an old woman her pictures are not really up to date from my opinion she is not really the 1,5 Dollars per minute worth

  • Bayernpin - 2022-10-07

    Unwahrscheinlich hübsch und und und ...

  • uraks1991 - 2022-09-22

    The best)

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$1.00 за минуту

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