1.30$ за минуту
  • Rating
  • Возраст 20
  • Пол Женщины
  • Местонахождение Kharkiv, Ukraine
  • Сексуальная ориентация Натурал
  • Говорит English
  • Глаза Голубые
  • Волосы Светло-русый
  • Телосложение Стройный
  • Размер груди Маленькие: A-B

hey dears ♡ I am Misa. Im 20 y.o and from Ukraine. If you need some atmospheric vibes, a naughty and a really fun time I will be a great choice . I really enjoy great conversation and sexuality ♡

♡ I speak above average English ♡
♡ HD quality - dears, for your comfortable viewing, I shoot with a camera of FULL HD. For me, the most important thing is that you feel comfortable! 
♡ Looking through the eyes of the client, I can understand your disappointment if something did not suit you, but I am just a person and I would like you to accept me as I am. Thank you for understanding!

What do I provide in my show?
➀ gradual undressing
➁ slow striptease
➂ dirty talk
➃ countdown 
➄ lubrication
➅ masturbation

What outfits do I have?
➀ Dresses
➁ bra and panties
➂  shorts
➃ Casual clothes
➄ sexy underwear
➅ cute pajamas

5 hours per month - $300 ($1.0 pre min)

!!! important!!! In conclusion, I will tell you about some important rules that I would like to follow for excellent communication between you and me:

♡ Please be polite! I have encountered users who treated me terribly and demanded their money back, although all the conditions were met! 

♡ After talking to me, don't forget to leave a review and rate me ♡

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  • Yak - 2022-12-30


  • jezza - 2022-12-25

    very hot and sensual and really cute

  • Danits - 2022-12-21

    Very nice, friendly and sweet girl. Great show

  • Solstice - 2022-12-21

    Beautiful generous girl

  • sun - 2022-12-17

    beautiful and generous, really nice in conversation

  • Paulo - 2022-12-13

    Naturally beautiful.. kind and sensual. Perfect x

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$1.30 за минуту

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