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  • Rating
  • Alter 24
  • Geschlecht Weiblich
  • Standort Tbilisi, Georgia
  • Sexuelle Orientierung Heterosexuell
  • Spricht English
  • Augen Haselnussbraun
  • Haare Brünette
  • Verfassung Sportlich und durchtrainiert
  • Brustgröße Mittel: C-D





















































Q: Do you speak English?

A : Yes

Q: What equipment do you have?

A: Logitech PRO HD C920 (full HD 1080) | Very good lighting system | High S***d Internet Connection

Q: What outfits do you have for sessions?

A: LOOOOT of sexy satin| leather | PVC|lace | silk & cotton lingerie bra and panties sets in various colors + hot bodysuits + sexy mini tight dresses + mini skirts + LOOOT of high waist fishnet thighs |fishnet stockings|thigh high stockings| pantyhose | socks+ garter belts +panties (g-strings| thongs | boy-shorts| bikini) +high-heels+ accesories +COSTUMES like WonderWoman ( choker/corset/blue boy shorts panties/red bra/highheels) | Nurse (mini skirt/g-string or thong/hair accesories/mini bra/highheels) | Schoolgirl (2 outfits with mini-skirts/ tops & bras/ stockings/pony tails/eyeglasses)/ lollipop/highheels or sport shoes) | Playboy Bunny (bodysuit or teddy semitransparent/ rabbit sexy ears/ gloves/wristbands/ collar/tail/highheels) | Maid (mini dress with lace& satin/ hair accesories/panties/stockings/highheels) | Secretary (leather skirt/bra/shirt/eyeglasses/stockings/highheels) +

Q: What toys do you have?

A: Big realistic dildo | Glass pink dildo| Buttplug| Hitachi | Lovense Lush

Q: What are your favorite roleplays?

A: Roleplay is one of my specialty so I have a loooot of them like horny Wife | titty Teacher | Boss | Playboy Bunny | wet Wonderwoman |Stripper | Dancer |Coach or Trainer | naughty Schoolgirl | hot Maid | sexy Secretary | nympho Nurse| Tipsy Student | Cheating

Q: What CONSENSUAL EXPOSURE session involves?

A: From a normal Skype chat to be pushed to share information about yourself and captured in incriminating situations that can put you in a very embarrasing mood or even ruin your life.

Some informations will be taking by recording you during session & taking pics WITH your consent .
Then post those infos on Twitter mainly.

Q: EVE's DICK RATINGS- what is so different about it?

A: You won't get a 'it's nice' or 'damn that cock' review, but instead you'll get an in-depth review

Key Rating Features I use are length+width/girth+glans + my first impression when I saw your dick
Now the average penis length is 15 cm or approx 6 inches. Using this as a baseline, the length of your cock will be compared to that average based on it's appearance in the session/pic. Telling me your dick is 7" will not impact this metric, as it is based on the perceived length in the session/photo compared to the average.
The same goes with the width/girth feature which is measured in the same method as length; taking an average penis girth of 5 inches or approx 13 cm and contrasting how your cock looks in comparison to that baseline average.
In the glans factor I'm interested about the shape of the glans, the size (portion of the glans to the shaft) is it thicker than the shaft, narrower and about the colouration of the glans in contrast to the rest of the dick; does it match, or are the colours contrasting
Maximum score you can get is 35 points (length/width/glans = 10 points maximum/EACH + my first impression =5 points maximum).
Using the criteria above your dick will be given a score out of 35.

Q: What are SUB & SISSY TASKS and how does it all work?

A: Tasks designed specifically for obedient cucks,pigs and slaves and are created in such manner that increase in difficulty and complexity.

Each task completed will bring points that will help you win a prize from me ( 1m KIK/ 1m Vip Snap/10min skype session/custom pics+) depending on how many points you earn. !Prizes are given starting with 100points achieved!
Tasks are sexually and non sexually ones and they will be completed in a given amount of time LIVE on Skype/other platform or if is impossible by sending me pics and vids as proof.
Add me and ask for more info about it.

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