Referrals and Commission




  • Models can get a 25$ commission for every model they bring in.

  • To earn the commission, every model they refer should have a balance of $25.00 earned.

  • Bonus - Models can get 5% commission for every customer they invite and accepts the invitation.

  • The 5% commission is not applicable if a customer who accepted the invitation went for a different model.

  • Models will be able to view the total balance for the 5% and 25$ commission on a separate window on the Payments section.

  • Models can now create a personalized URL using this format - (Example: and can use it for inviting a customer or referring a model.


To view their balance, follow the guide below:

  • Log into CamLust account
  • Click on My Account
  • On the left side of the page, click on Dashboard or on Payments, then click on Withdraw Request.


Invite and refer now to earn more! 



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