How do we protect our members?

CamLust works for all of its members. It works on any device that can run on Skype.

If you are a member, you may call the model exclusively via Skype and use your CamLust PayPerMinute app account.

You will not need to install anything on your device, because all you must do is to set up an account and make sure that it has enough load.

We protect our members through the use of the Skype platform. Through it, our client members and their privacy are protected fully.

What are the steps to setup the account?

  • 1 Register your details. Provide the right details that you have and are verifiable.
  • 2 Load your account with funds. You need to load your account with the usual payment methods
  • 3 Visit the  Model profiles. You are now ready to visit profiles of models on You can choose any model that you like.
  • 4 Finally, you may look for the Skype ID of the model, copy and add it in your Skype or use the Skype chat button directly on the profile page. You may now chat with the model first to see if she is available.


STEP 1Registration

If you are ready to use CamLust, you may sign up for an account using your Skype ID.

The best thing that you can do is to use a dedicated Skype ID specifically made for CamLust. Use an account that you will only add your model contacts.

The registration process is simple and it will only take a couple of seconds for you to do. You will receive an email to complete set up. Make sure that you also use an email that you can easily use to verify your registration.

  • Can I still call the models if I don’t have an account?

    You may call the models but they will not answer. Models are notified that you are not a member of the platform and that you are not a paying customer. At most, you may also get blocked on Skype and not meet the model at all.


STEP 2Load your account with funds

It is easy to load up your funds by loading your account. You can load the account using the following:

  • Credit Cards or Debit Cards
  • Mastercard
  • VISA
  • AMEX
  • iDEAL
  • Paysafecard
  • Bitcoin / Ethereum and other crypto currencies
  • Bancontact Mister Cash
  • Paxum

STEP 3Before doing any call

Before doing any call, you must make sure that you do the following:

  • 1Make sure that you are connected and have a stable internet connection. Sometimes, it can get in the way of your excitement.
  • 2Make sure that the Skype application is on.
  • 3Log in to your Skype account.
  • 4Make sure your Skype ID/Name exactly matches the one on CamLust
  • 5Make sure that you have enough funds in your account for the show. Or at least, have more than what you are expecting.
  • 6Make sure that you are comfortable and ready to have a good time.

STEP 4Your calls


Once you are ready and have loaded your account with at least $25, you are ready to start your call. Choose among the models and start your call. Make sure that the model is online and ready for you.


Once you have made a call, your funds will be automatically deducted per minute from your balance.

The model will answer and you will receive a message in the chat. The message will confirm the pay per minute rate that the model is charging you.

  • My call was rejected, why?

    Call rejections may come in the form of the fact that you do not have enough funds to call the model or that you are not a member. You must check and confirm the model’s pay per minute and make sure that you have enough funds to cover at least five minutes of your time.

    Models are allowed to reject models that do not have enough funds for a 5 minutes call.

    If a model has a PPM (pay per minute) rate of $2, you should make sure that your account should be loaded with at least $10 to cover 5 minutes.


During the call

The only thing that you need to do during the call is to enjoy yourself. Make sure that you like what you are seeing and if you do not, you may terminate the call at any given time.

  • My show was interrupted, what happened?

    During the show, your connection may get interrupted. There are a number of reasons that your connection may have gotten interrupted and they are the following:

    • Your Internet connection went down. If your internet connection went down and the call had to be stopped, you will get an interruption during your session.
    • If you ran out of funds, the call will be cut.
    • If you have technical issues with your device, your call will be interrupted so you have to restart your faulty component.
  • What If I can’t hear or see the model well enough?

    If you cannot hear or see the model well enough, you need to do the following:

    • Inform the model that the quality of the call is not in your best interest. Tell the model that adjustments could be made.
    • Close the call. If you really could not do anything, close the call as early as you can. End the call and make sure that you do not lose anymore of your funds as necessary.
    • Contact our support.

After the call

After the call, you may receive an email that confirms two things: that you have had a show and the option to review the model.

You can click on the button in the email to rate the model if you desire to do so. If you had a problem with the model and the show, it is best for you to share it with the system and send a message to support or report the problem by going to her profile and click the 3 dots next to her profile picture.

You are responsible to make sure that you end the call when you are ready to do so.


Your anonymity & privacy

We prioritize your anonymity and privacy. Your safety is very important to us.

The importance of your anonymity is necessary which is why one of the reasons we chose Skype to deliver your webcam shows. We will protect your anonymity and privacy at all costs.

If you decide to choose other alternative modes of payment, you are exposing yourself to risks that we are trying hard to avoid.

We implore you to make sure that you will have the best experience with our shows. We do not have any liability towards transactions that you take outside the platform and our approved methods.