How it works: LustApp


Mobile or Skype

We only use Skype on any gadget or any mobile device where Skype is compatible.



With our plug-in, you are protected and every minute of your show counts. All you have to do is register your account, download, and install the plugin.


Receive Skype calls

Our goal is to make sure that your time gets the value it deserves. The plug-in you install will automatically track the time you spend with a member in a single call.

You weed out freeloaders as well with our plugin. You may automatically reject freeloaders, non-members, or those who have less than 5 minutes worth of funds. We value your time as much as you do.

To market your shows, you can create a public profile so members can see you. You may also opt not to do any kind of marketing. You have full control over your profile, who sees you, and just exactly what they see.

You also earn more with each new member who uses your referral link to sign up to our platform.

STEP 1Registration

If you think that CamLust is for you, sign up as a model using a dedicated Skype ID.

We recommend and encourage you to use a different Skype ID dedicated only for CamLust transactions. Sign up for a new one so you do not get contacts mixed up.

The registration process will only take a few seconds of your time. Put in the correct information but use a good model name that catches attention.

You will then receive an email for your account setup confirmation. Set up your account with an email that you also dedicate for the CamLust platform.

We will never spam your email but we also love keeping all our models in touch with latest trends, updates, and improvements that could help them earn more money. Your email is also our link just in case there are issues with your calls or a member has complaints.


STEP 2Verification

Our service also needs to weed out potential robots and scrupulous individuals. To help us, we verify profiles and make sure that all our models, and members, are really who they say they are. You cannot withdraw money unless we have verified your identity.

For verification, we will need 4 photos from you:

  • A photo of your personal identification document (ID card, passport or driver’s license) – the front and the back
  • A photo of you holding the above-mentioned ID document
  • A photo of you holding a recent utility bill
  • A white piece of paper with today’s date and word “CamLust” handwritten on it.

More details about verification

Why do models need verification?

We need to ensure the quality that we offer our members. We ensure that our models are real and the services they offer match their sign-up information. We also want to avoid those with less than honorable motives.

  • What will happen if I do not get verified?

    No verification means that you cannot withdraw you money. This is for the protection of both the platform and the models.

  • How long is the verification process?

    The verification process will take around 12 hours. Sometimes, it can go up to around 48 hours depending on the number of requests and other factors. To be safe, if you need to withdraw for a specific date, dedicate at least 3 days for it.

  • Can I fail the verification process?

    Yes, models may fail the verification process by doing the following:

    • Setting up more than two accounts in the CamLust system.
    • Sending us fake documents
    • Sending us old / expired documents
    • Uploading low resolution photos
  • Can I earn money even without verification?

    No, you cannot receive any transactions or calls.


STEP 3Public profile

Your public profile is public but we encourage you to use and setup your profile in such a way that you remain anonymous and no personal information is shared. Use a catchy modelname. This helps you get some member clients.

We also have models that do not have any public profile because they already have their own pool of members. They are the ones who do not need any advertising done.

If we do assume that you need advertising, you may want to setup a relevant profile to help you get clients. You can do so by clicking here.

If you want to get ahead of getting clients, We would encourage you to always be online and available on Skype. Make sure that you are always active and logged in through our plug-in.

Most clients would not visit a profile that is on Away or Do Not Disturb mode. If you are just starting out, it is best that you become available as much as you possibly can for you to get client traction.

  • Are models obligated to have a Public Profile?

    Models are not obligated to have a public profile. Again, there are some models who have their follower base already and use CamLust for their protection and receive pay-per-minute calls. It is not necessary to have a public profile. We only need you to have a verified account with us and use our plug-in to track interactions with members.

  • What are the most requested categories?

    We are not a niche website. We noticed that most of our members have variations in place over the period of a year. Hence, there is not one category that we would recommend over the other.

    What is important is that you set up a profile that you can offer and that is relevant to you and your services. When you do so, clients would know your specialty and will contact you if they are interested.

  • How can I hide my Public Profile?

    You can hide your public profile by choosing No in your visibility settings. The steps are as follows:

    • Go to the frontpage and log in.
    • Choose Profile from the left menu.
    • Choose the Settings tab menu and then
    • Choose No for the Public Profile published/visible setting.
    • Do not forget to click or tap the Save Changes button.

STEP 4Before any call

Before making a call, please make sure that you check the following:

  • 1 You are connected to the Internet
  • 2 Make sure Skype is on and you’re logged in with your dedicated Skype ID
  • 3 Make sure that the CamLust plugin is ON and connected to Skype.

If you are online, you must make sure that you follow your Skype as often as possible. This way you know if somebody wants a show with you. Remember that our service is on a per-need basis so if a client cannot get in touch with you, he will move on to the next.

You can download and install the plug-in at any given time. Register an account now!

LAST STEPYour First call

Once you are done with the nitty gritty details, you are ready for your first call. Here are a few things that you should know about it.

  • How long do I have to wait before my first call?

    It depends on a lot of factors. The most important one is whether you are already established as a cam girl, meaning you already have your own followers base, or if you still need to introduce yourself.

    If you already have a following, you probably know when your first call is going to be. You know when your audience wants a show and you know the demands of the job.

    If you are a new cam girl, it may take a while before you get a call. Promote your Public Profile and always be online for an audience.

    Be patient with the process. You will eventually get the following that you want.

  • What types of members do you have?

    The type of members we have vary. Some members are curious and are eager to explore and meet up with the girls. Others are a little bit more shy and they need a little bit more encouragement coming from the models for them to get in touch with you. For these kinds of members, you can initiate contacting them once they say hi or they add you on Skype. There are also those who are already looking for a very specific type of model, if the member is looking for a very specific type of client, this is where your specific showmanship comes into play.

    Again, be patient and do not get discouraged. Your time will come.


Incoming call

When you receive a call, you should not hurry up the answer. Our plug-in will pop up a small white window that would tell you if the person calling you is a member of the platform and if he has enough funds to call you and pay for a live show.

Make sure that you wait for our plug-in before you accept any kind of call. We highly encourage you to accept calls only coming from members of the platform and those who have enough funds to pay for a live show.

However, it is still within the decision of the model if he or she would automatically answer a call and offer a show. If you do decide to accept calls from members who do not have enough funds or are not members of the platform, we are not in anyway liable for nonpayment or any problems that would come out of that transaction.

  • A call was rejected, why?

    Again, it is your decision to accept or reject the call. However, if you have already allowed our plug-in to automatically reject calls from a nonmember or from a member who do not have enough funds, you should expect that calls under those categories would automatically get rejected.

    In order to access this function of the plug-in you can do the following:

    Dashboard: LustApp -> Plugin Settings


During the call

During the call, expect that the application will show you a small white window. The window would state the payment if it is already in progress, the time that has elapsed, and the amount of money that you earned on the basis of your rate per minute.

Every minute that just started is being charged as a full one or as a full 60 seconds. So if you have a rate of around a dollar per minute after three minutes and two seconds you would have already earned four dollars. Every fraction of a minute is charged the full amount.

  • My call was interrupted, why?

    There are a number of reasons for call to get interrupted. They are the following:

    • - Internet connection went down – and the call had to be stopped
    • - Member ran out of funds – and we cut the call to protect you, so that you would not be doing a show for free
    • - Technical issues with your device, Skype or the plugin – in which case the best approach is to restart the faulty component

    However, if such issues come up often, we encourage you to get in touch with us at


After the call

After the call, you will receive an email confirming that you had a live show and how much you have earned. You will then receive another email telling you to rate the member that you had a show with. The members will also receive a similar set of emails. He would also be able to review his experience with you and inform us if there are any problems or issues.

For any problems or issues that you may have with the member or with the payments, you can contact us through the website at: by sending an email.

You will be able to read the review of the client. The rating will be reflected in your Public Profile, if you have one. We encourage you to check your ratings on your public profile so you will know how the clients feel about certain shows or certain transactions. It will also help you determine the points that we need to address.


Withdrawing money

If you already have at least $50 on your account, then you are ready to make a withdrawal. Again, you can only withdraw this minimum specific amount if your account is already verified with us. If not, the amount will stay on your account.

You can also receive your money in several ways, such as through the following methods:

  • - Paxum Card
  • - ePayments e-Wallet (FREE: $0 payout fee)
  • - Bitcoin and Ethereum
  • - Bank account transfer
  • - SEPA Account (EU Banks)
  • - ACH Account (USA Banks)

Closing your account

If you think that our platform is not the best choice for you, we understand that completely.

However, we recommend that you simply hide your public profile and withdraw your money first before making the decision to close your account. This is so you still have the option to come back whenever you are ready.

If you already decided, you can close your account. We will probably get in touch with you and ask you about the reasons for closing your account.

If you have any problems with the platform or any kind of issue that we can help you with please feel free to contact us and we will ensure that we improve our services to address your needs.