2.50$ per minute
  • Rating
  • Age 27
  • Sex Female
  • Location Lyon, France
  • Sexual orientation Bisexual
  • Speaks English, French, Italian
  • Eyes Green
  • Hair Brunette
  • Constitution Athletic and Toned
  • Breast size Medium: C-D

I am a warm and sweet girl who is here to spend unforgettable moments together, to meet new people, to give pleasure and to feel pleasure, if you want to meet a girl who is not in a hurry to talk to you, if you want to meet a girl who can take you to peaks of ecstasy throw me is what you are looking for. add on skype and let's have fun and we are good together. Sweet Kisses****

*How I like to play with myself❤️️

-> Masturbation

-> Live orgasms

-> Pussy fingering

->Clitoral stimulation

->Playing with my perfect tits

-> Nipple play, pinching, squeezing

-> Spreading pussy and ass

-> Multiple orgasms

-> Spanking with hand or belt

❤️️Dildo play ❤️️

⭐ Dildo in pussy

⭐ Anal with buttplug olny

⭐ Foot job

⭐ Boob job

⭐ Hand job

⭐ Blow job

❤️️Foot shows❤️️

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$2.50 per minute

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