1.00$ per minute
  • Rating
  • Age 20
  • Sex Female
  • Location ****, Czech Republic
  • Sexual orientation Straight
  • Speaks English
  • Eyes Green
  • Hair Blonde
  • Constitution Athletic and Toned
  • Breast size Medium: C-D

Hello, my name MIA, im 20
all my photos are real!!!!

minimum duration of the show is 5 minutes, 

if I do not respond to the site, write to me on skype,

site notification is very quiet, I may not hear

call via Skype only prepayment , payment per minute only on the website

tall beautiful girl with a perfect figure, body of a goddess, that's all

**********************What I do in the show:*********************************

* Tease, flirt, seduce

* if you want to see my face tell me i will prepare, but it costs more 15$-10m

* JOI SEI CEI SPH humiliate,  mistress or slave, rate dick, mistress or slave

*  I speak English by voice *(u can speak with me and write me during the show)
* if your language is different in skype there is a translator

* I use laptop, my camera is good HD 1080 logi
* I don't care if your camera is on or off

* masterbate, nude show yes, striptease yes

* real orgasm

* role play, outfit 

* outfit requests, when u prepay i wear all what u want 15$-10m

*  I take a prepayment,** tips are welcome**

* payment only through the site, no , bank cards or amazon is not suitable, you can not even ask

**********************what i don't do:*****************************************

* no toys

* no pain

*  I don't smoke

* no anal, no squirting, 

* I did not have long correspondence to the show, discussed the conditions and forward

* I don't do free shows and pre-show

* don't waste my and your time, read the profile, if you see something I don't do it means I don't do it, xxx

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  • danimal - 2022-12-30

    phenomenal body, great conversation, just no eroticism or sexuality..just not my type but maybe for some ..

  • G - 2022-11-24

    So perfect girl with perfect body, wow

  • alex - 2022-11-09

    hot and sensual

  • - 2022-11-01

    Great body great show x

  • - 2022-10-15

    The Girl is perfect

  • AcePilot - 2022-09-29


  • - 2022-09-02

    She is amazing - the best body on the site and the personality to match

  • Harry - 2022-09-02

    The show as boring.

  • raw - 2022-08-02

    The best on the site! Always want more

  • raw - 2022-06-25

    The best on the site. 10/10 body and takes requests Quality camera and sound too



$1.00 per minute

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