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  • Rating
  • Age 36
  • Sex Female
  • Location Vancouver, United States of America (USA)
  • Sexual orientation Bisexual
  • Speaks English
  • Eyes Blue
  • Hair Black
  • Constitution Very Voluptuous
  • Breast size Large: DD-DDD-E

I am a professional dominant and a life coach. I am into psychology, hypnotism, the occult, and causing change.

Are you ready for a little bit of witchcraft?

You dream about women like me. The queen on the golden throne and the witch priestess holding the threads of fate in her hands. You feel inescapably drawn to women like me… women who get what they want, even from the universe itself. I snap my fingers and reality rearranges itself for my pleasure, while you slog through a hollow existence, afraid to step out of your nice neat paradigm of respectable helplessness. I think it's hilarious how your only chains are in your head, yet you are stuck in place.

I broke those chains a long time ago. I do what I please, and I am whoever I want to be. You’re following an outdated script someone handed you before you can even remember, I write my own lines as I go.

It’s not surprising that you’re drawn to me. People like you always are. Because I can offer so much more than the life you are living. You yearn to break away from the constraints of the life you live… to reach the potentials you feel seething within you. You’re sick of reality as it is and ready to change it. You want to become someone… something else. I can make that happen. Transformation is what I do.

I am an alchemist first and foremost. I desire nothing more than to chip away everything in you that is not essential, to break you down to your base elements and rebuild you into something so glorious you will barely recognize yourself when I am done. You will die and be reborn. You are lead. I will make you gold. I can even show you how it’s done.

My greatest pleasure is finding out what causes you shame and making you dive headfirst into it. I will turn your debasement into your crowning glory. Nothing makes me wetter than repressed desires. I will push shy closet pantie wearers into becoming the most beautiful cross dressed cock sucking housemaids. I will turn a repressed girl with slutty hidden fantasies into a sweet bimbo fuck slave. I will turn your world upside down and your greatest shame will become your greatest pride. You will crawl for me and it will feel like flying. I will teach you that the only chains you want to wear are mine.

I’m into almost every kind of fetish. After all, if it pushes your buttons, it can be my way in to change you for good.

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$2.00 per minute

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