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  • Age 23
  • Sex Female
  • Location Donetsk, Ukraine
  • Sexual orientation Straight
  • Speaks English, Ukrainian, Russian
  • Eyes Blue
  • Hair Dark Blonde
  • Constitution A Few Extra Pounds
  • Breast size Large: DD-DDD-E

I want to break my loneliness and find a good person who, like me, wants to share and spend time with me.
I always want something more than I have, and I strive for it. I can spend the evening having fun with friends, or I can spend the whole evening with a book in my hands, but I do both with ease and joy.
 I am a very powerful woman and you will cower in my presence.

*I am a happy, charming and simple girl, always with a smile on my face.
I love sports and I want to live a full life!
I am a cheerful athlete, a happy and positive girl! I have a natural beauty without silicone, and I never use cosmetics.
In real life, I'm a little modest, but here I want to be naughty! In addition, I am fascinated by various fetishes, and I like to learn new ones, and I can dominate, and I can also be weak.
I have a sexy body: sweet breasts with very long nipples, a big and appetizing ass and sexy legs. And I have a lot of different beautiful and erotic underwear, stockings and high-heeled shoes*

# I am into:

sensual seduction - every move of my body is seductive and gracious itself, have you had a date with a classy intelligent lady before?
jerking off instructions - I know when to make you stroke fast, when to command to take a pause or set a countdown. You should be jealous to the fake dick I use for that )
legs, feet & shoes fetishes - my toned legs makes men shiver, you can drown in my collection of nylons. As for my feet, you're never seen such a high arch
role playing - nothing makes me more happy than a naughty story of yours...come closer, I have some revealing secrets too, I want to whisper them into your ear

  • chastity training
  • mind games, hypnose
  • feminization
  • nylons, leather, latex
  • moneyslavery, milking and draining

# **I also love different games:) submission, domination, and so on:) write, we will discuss everything :)**

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