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  • Age 24
  • Sex Female
  • Location Lombardia, Italy
  • Sexual orientation Bisexual
  • Speaks Italian, English
  • Eyes Brown
  • Hair Brunette
  • Constitution Athletic and Toned
  • Breast size Small: A-B
  • Height 163 cm / 5"4 inch
  • Weight 51 Kg / 112 lbs
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  • Category Regular
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hello I'm italian girl 24 years old 

I love man who have a lot of money... i love slave... i love being bad! But i really love receive money a lot of money!

I'm naughty girl and spicy mind... hope you have fun with me ! See yaa kiss!! 

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Ho 24 anni italia. Adoro gli uomini che mi danno tanti soldi...amo gli schiavi.... mi piace essere cattiva! Ma amo veramente tanto chi mi da soldi tanti soldi!

sono perversa e con una mente piccanti.... spero che ti spanertirmi con me!  A presto!

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$2.00 per minute

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