Lady Rias Syn

Lady Rias Syn

3.00$ per minute

Lady Rias Syn

$3.00 per minute

  • Rating
  • Age 25
  • Sex Female
  • Location Ispanku, United States of America (USA)
  • Sexual orientation Bisexual
  • Speaks English, Spanish
  • Eyes Hazel
  • Hair Many
  • Constitution Athletic and Toned
  • Breast size Small: A-B

Hello Sir or Madam. I am Lady Rias Syn. 

Want to try something different? Step into my lair to tell me all about your darkest fantasies and secrets. I'm very open-minded so never be afraid to come talk to me about anything. Sexual or even non sexual. There is rarely any fetish I have not heard of . So give it a shot ;)

If you come get to know me then I'd love to know you more. I have quite the background and I'm sure you do too since you're on here. 
Or we can just skip all that. Your choice. :3

I love to dress-up, have fun, and entice your senses. 
But if you decide to be my sub, sissy, slut, or slave... and of course only if I accept you as mine. You best be doing all of that for ME. Entertain and entice my senses.
Whatever you are be respectful and not a damn putz. 

I do fetish shows. Some vanilla but very little.

I do NOT show vagina nor do I ever full on masturbate and show my "O" face. 

Different Fetishes I offer

Can always tell me more. I will not put them all on here. As they say there is a fetish for everything

  • JOI-Jerk off instruction. 
  • Tease and Denial
  • Ruined Orgasm
  • Edge Play
  • Countdown-You will cum in 10 seconds.
  • Humiliation
  • Voyeurism-Watch me. Or I watch you . <3 Can be everyday tasks even if you'd like.
  • Pet Play- You can be my cutie. Put you on a leash. Feed you. Pat you. Even ride on your back. Hah.
  • CFNM-Clothed female naked man. Explains itself. Have a need to be vulnerable to me? Embarrassed ? Controlled ? 
  • SPH-Small penis humiliation. Surprisingly very common.
  • Obedience Training-Tasks to be mine. To obey me. Comes along with many other fetishes below.
  • Foot Fetish-Size 9. Barefeet. Soles. Dangling Shoe.Socks-Can be dirty also. Want a sniff ? Or to even purchase. Pictures or physically.
  • Shoes-Dangling shoes.Boots. Stomping. Trampling. Crushing. Being my shoe cleaner. I love my boots specifically.
  • Armpits- Bare shaven . Or can be prickly. For hairy tell me ahead of time. Same for legs. I go back and forth between natural.
  • Legs-Fishnets. Stockings.
  • Cuckolding or Bitchboys-Be my beta. I can tell you stories of my lovers. Maybe more. Total submission. Being only my toy.
  • Sissification/Feminization-I'll dress you up how you've secretly always wanted to. Can be my little sissy girl. Or my slut.  
  • Anal Training-Prepare your ass for me.
  • Cock Sucker Training-Let me "pimp" you out honey. Teach you the ways.
  • Trans Lover-Do you enjoy pretty men ? Women with cocks? Tell me all about it.
  • Corruption-Things you don't want to do. But really you do. Just need a bit of motivation  >:)
  • Intoxification
  • Relapse Therapy
  • Addiction
  • Smothing-Face, thighs, and body sitting.
  • CEI-Cum eating instruction. You know you want to. Or don't. Its your thing.
  • Milking
  • Mommy Domme-Can be my little boy. I am very nurturing when I want to be.
  • Slapping-Face. Ass. You name it. Can be as if I'm slapping you right through the cam even.
  • Body Worship-Feet,Legs,Stomach,Breasts,Ass,Face,Hands. & Yes my vagina. Even though I don't show does not mean you can't worship its sacredness.
  • Food, Mouth or Spitplay-Licking. Slurping. Sucking. Sloshing.
  • Sensation Play-Wax/Ice/Water/Toothpaste
  • Lezdom-Well I am bisexual. But I can be a real butch if I want to.
  • Homewrecking-Me being better than your significant other. Watch me prove it.
  • BDSMBondage. Dominance. Sadism. Masochism. I can tie you up etc. You have the materials . I tell you what to do with them.
  • Sensory Deprivation
  • Breath Play
  • Chastity & Keyholder-Your release will be in my power. Only when I say you may. Can buy a cage even.
  • CBT- Cock and ball torture. Clamps. Rolling pins. Rubber bands. Sounds. Pins. Needles. We can find what suits you best. Start off small if you'd like.
  • Smoking/420-On request only. I quit cigarettes.
  • Strapon/Pegging-Now let me fuck you. Or you may suck me. 
  • Roleplaying-I can take on many different characters with you. Just speak with me. If I don't have a costume that you would like. Buy me it. 
  • Giantess/Shrinking-My 5'8 body will become taller than you could ever imagine. I will tower over you. Making you a tiny little man beaneath me.
  • Advice/Guidance-We may simply talk about things you are having problems in life with. Vent to me.
  • GFE-Girlfriend Experience. I can play as your significant other. We could have fun together. Ask about long term.
  • Congressional
  • Games-Can be sexual games we play together. Can be board games. Even videogames honestly. I play many.
  • Financial Domination/Wallet Rinse/Slow Draining & Ruining/Human ATM&Paypig-I will control your funds. You will give everything I deserve to me. Does it turn you on giving your funds to a true Goddess like myself? It makes me absolutely wet . True slavery and devotion. No tribute=No chat for these.
  • Mindfuck-I will get inside of your head. Find out your weaknesses. Dreams. Fears. Know them. & even change them to my advatage.
  • Mesmerize/Mind Control
  • POV-Point of view.
  • Exposure-Want the world to see you ? Randoms? My friends ? Other Mistresses ? My lovers? 
  • Blackmail-Consensual. Or the Real Deal. $65 BEFORE for both. Why do you ask ? Too many time wasters. Funds first then I will send you documentation. I threaten to expose you on my Twitter and more.
  • Teamviewer-  Can be used to watch what you do on your computer. Can also be used for me to control your computer myself. I can lock whatever I want. Look at whatever I want. Different prices. Ask. Download here-->



For special gifts to surprise & impress Lady Rias Syn --->


Also to impress. Adopt a bill if you'd like. Cat care. Phone bill. Car. Rent. &More.

HD, sound, all that jazz. I've got it. 
Schedule- Tuesday through Friday 9pm-8am CST are my usual times

Weekends and Mondays are always unpredictable. I could be on and off. Also depends on the show.

But I am online a lot so feel free to contact me anyway and I will get back to you as soon as possible. Sometimes I am just invisible and doing something else ignoring you ;P Very rarely am present on Sundays though.

Prices sometimes vary. Contact me first before anything and tell me you found me on CamLust please. 

New ideas and rates are always appreciated.
Please follow my Twitter also. I'm newer to it and more followers would help me.


I'm a very laid back and chill girl.. But it has come to my attention that I need .. 

Simple rules to always abide by with me. 


No free shows. 

No free previews. My pictures and I are real I assure you. I am a verified model.

No time wasters. I love talking to my clients but don't ruin my kindness. You will regret it.

NO unsolicited dick pictures. I do not want to see your cock therefore I will block you. Unless you're paying me of course. :)

No randomly calling me without any message first. I will not answer.

Nothing illegal .

NO taking pictures, screenshots, recording etc. I do NOT consent or give permission at all. 

If there is any hint that you are recording my show without my permission, the show will be ended immediately and there will be no refund given. I will also report you For Copyright infringement to DMCA.  



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Lady Rias Syn

$3.00 per minute

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