Lady Wow

Lady Wow

1.50$ per minute
  • Rating
  • Age 50
  • Sex Female
  • Location Киев, Ukraine
  • Sexual orientation Bisexual
  • Speaks Ukrainian, Russian, English
  • Eyes Brown
  • Hair Redhead
  • Constitution Voluptuous
  • Breast size Extra large: F+

Я жду тебя! Мы проведём хорошо время.Надеюсь ты будешь мне звонить снова и снова.

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  • Sirlenex - 2023-05-22

    She is very beautiful! I came so hard watching her masturbate.

  • Mike - 2022-07-20

    Really fun and very sexy

  • Stefan - 2022-07-19

    A real BBW. Great tits, fat pussy.


Lady Wow

$1.50 per minute

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