1.00$ per minute
  • Rating
  • Age 18
  • Sex Female
  • Location Medellin, Colombia
  • Sexual orientation Straight
  • Speaks English, Spanish
  • Eyes Brown
  • Hair Blonde
  • Constitution Slender
  • Breast size Small: A-B

hello welcome to the world of luna 
I'm 18 years old I'm from Colombia I'm currently in school and I've started as a cam model don't think I'm shy 
on the contrary I'm a very happy girl, I enjoy a good conversation and a hot coffee... I'm so hot as Colombian coffee, 
do you want to try a little more of me?
You will love being with me, I will be online from 6:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. Colombia time
We can do many things that you love, come and tell me everything you want me to do for you.
i have many toys to try with you on my horny sexy body

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  • Schneewolf1988 - 2022-11-27

    Total waste of time and money.Had a show with this moddle, the show was without any elation, the moddle was bored on a bed and didn't say a word.And it seemed to me that she didn't feel like the show at all.The moddel just tries Money to get like most moddels. Don't book a show with her, it's a waste of money and you won't see the money again anyway, not even if you report the moddels here. It doesn't interest you at all. This is the most rip-off here.



$1.00 per minute


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