1.00$ per minute
  • Rating
  • Age 19
  • Sex Female
  • Location Cali, Colombia
  • Sexual orientation Bisexual
  • Speaks Spanish, English
  • Eyes Black
  • Hair Black
  • Constitution About Average
  • Breast size Medium: C-D

Hello my sweety, you can call me PaytonTyler,

I am a passionate little Latina who likes to smile and have fun. I think my eyes have the perfect shine and if you look at them you can lose yourself. I'm waiting for you to share some quality time together!
In my private show (when you press the button) I will happily excite you with my toys in many different ways. I would love to please you with my hands, my mouth, my pussy, my big tits and for the extra long shows, my sexy ass.

My shows

My shows are always live and full of fun and sensuality! I love to strip tease, play, talk dirty and bring us both to an amazing climax ;-)

There are alot of things that turn me on, and I love finding out what turns you on too!

Are you at home, work, hiding from the wife or just simply horny as hell? Do you like a friendly but dirty girl, who seems innocent and reserved until you get to know her and see what a filthy mind she has?  

Things I enjoy doing in my shows



Anal with fingers moaning 

Panty stuffing in my wet pussy :)

Modelling sexy heels, stockings or outfits for you


Cum shows with my  fingers!

Foot fetish


Other fetishes but do ask for specifics :)

Talking and having interesting conversations! I love smart guys! :)

Dont see what you want? Dont be afraid to ask! ;)




° Blow jobs

° Sloppy bjs

° Deep throat

° Masturbation

° Deep penetration

° Anal

° Double penetration

° Executing your requests

° Lingerie

° Heels

° Stockings

° Foot fetish

° Spanking

° Oil

° And a lot of other stuff that will make you jizz all over yourself :P

Dont see what you want? Dont be afraid to ask! ;)


  • Anything to do with BROWN fetish...

  • Anything to do with animals

  • Anything with a minor. I WILL NOT roleplay of someone under age. 

  • I will not stick anything damaging inside of me (curling iron, animals etc.)


Simply put. NOTHING illegal :)


*Serious Inquires only* Please contact me on Skype if you are ready to book a show

****I am a verified model, so NO LIVE PREVIEW ****. 

Get to know each other, let's take advantage of this moment, believe me you will not regret it.

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  • Lu - 2022-09-23


  • Carl - 2022-08-16

    Don't waste your time

  • Thomas - 2022-08-04

    It was a really good and hot show



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