3.00$ per minute
  • Rating
  • Age 41
  • Sex Couple
  • Location Bucuresti, Romania
  • Sexual orientation Straight
  • Speaks English, Romanian
  • Eyes Brown
  • Hair Brunette
  • Constitution Very Voluptuous
  • Breast size Extra large: F+

Solo Boy $2.49 per min or Solo Girl $2.99 per min

Shows Examples and Pricing:
For a quick preview you can call us. Don't espect at any action if you didn't prepay it first, we won't start anything for 2-3 min show.
Couple performers for 10 min show:
1.Relaxing and just chatting naked: $30 (prepay only)
2.Smoking and relaxing: $40 (prepay only)
3.Rub Tits and Oil $50 (prepay only)
4.Finger Her Pussy $60 (no cum) (prepay only)
5.Handjob $60 (no cum) (prepay only)
6.Blowjob $150 (prepay only) - cum on tits included
7.Lick Pussy $150 (prepay only) - cum included
8.Fuck Show - fake fuck and moans - $100 - no cum
9.Fuck Show - real fuck and moans - $200 - cum on ass included
10.Anal Show - $300+ please ask for more info

Where do you want to see me cum?
Cum on tits, cum on ass, cum on legs or feet $30 extra (prepay only)
Cum all over her face $50 extra (prepay only)
Cum into mouth and spit $100 extra(prepay only)
Cum into mouth and swallow it $200 (prepay only)

        My rules:
    1. Please ask for show info before calling
    2. Don't be desperate and rush me or my wife for instant action.
    3. If you have a request make sure you ask nicely, we don't like to take rude orders
    4. Don't ask for our private info or to meet me or my wife in real life
    5. If you don't like the show you can quit anytime, nobody made you to watch for later complains.
    6. Please do not call for 2-3 minutes else you will get banned and reported! We like shows longer than 10 min and we don't like to waste your time.
    Hey everyone! We are not so young couple but young in our hearts open minded ones. We like to chat and share with generous guys our private life. If you are interesed to see how we play together please don't hesitate to join us. Call us and let's have fun togheter in a video call! XOXOXO
    My gear:
    Cam: Logitech BRIO 4K
    Connection: 1000Mbps
    We  do  handjob,  blowjob,  69 ,  fuck  and  much more  !  

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$3.00 per minute

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