Pregnant Priss

Pregnant Priss

4.00$ per minute
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  • Age 30
  • Sex Female
  • Location Somewhere, United States of America (USA)
  • Sexual orientation Straight
  • Speaks English
  • Eyes Hazel
  • Hair Brunette
  • Constitution Athletic and Toned
  • Breast size Large: DD-DDD-E

Welcome to My Room!

Hi!  I'm Pregnant Priss!  Your authentic pregnant MILF and nurse by day, sharing my pregnancy experience with you. I’m 26 weeks pregnant and really starting to show my cute little belly! I have lots of naughty thoughts to satisfy your pregnancy fetish, or whatever fetish you might have.  I'm married, but it turns hubby on to share me like this.  Hubby can be involved if you want him to be, but he understands if you want me all to yourself.  He would. Although he's slightly jealous, he trusts me and he's willing to let you have me to yourself as long as you treat me respectfully while he's not there.

I don’t judge if you have something unusual to ask of me. I’m very open and easy to talk to, and I’m here to serve and please you.

I've done lots of different types of shows, and I'm open to new ideas too.  Here are some of the things I can do, starting with some of the more innocent stuff and working my way down.  You're welcome to mix and match as you please.

Show Types

  • Talking and chatting with you

  • Encouragement and confidence boost

  • Modeling and showing myself to you in several different outfits

  • Slow naughty strip tease

  • Dancing to a song and stripping seductively

  • Strip quickly and get down to business with you (I'm budget conscious for those that need me to be, just let me know)

  • I can start out naked if you really want to hurry and get busy with me

  • If you need to keep your face or all of yourself hidden I totally understand, but if you're willing to share, I want to see you get your cock hard and I'd love to see you cum.

  • I have a lovense, and I can send you a link prior to our session if you'd like to use it.  Please send an extra $10 tip if you'd like to play with me with my Lovense. That's the jealous husband fee for letting you play with my pussy ;)

  • I'd love to play with myself in front of you, and I'm even down for some light anal play, if you're into that.  Just know that the biggest thing I'll put into my butthole is my finger ;)

  • I have a dildo, and would love to fuck myself with it in front of you

  • If you want to see my mouth make love to that cock of yours, I can do that to my realistic dildo while you imagine I'm there with you

  • My gag reflex is a lot stronger now that I'm pregnant, but I'll gag on that cock of your if you want me to.  I can take it pretty deep

  • Put me in whatever position you want me in, and tell me what you'd do to me if you were here

  • I'm into roleplay too, depending on what it is.  If you want to imagine that you are a young boy in our roleplay, I'm okay with that, but talking about my children, or any other children in any sexual sort of way is off limits and not something I will do. I will also not pretend to be a non-adult for you in any roleplay I do.


Some of the roleplay scenarios I've done (and would do again)

  • I want you to fuck me, but you'd better not cum in me.  I get angry at you when you do anyways

  • Girlfriend experience or wife experience

  • I'm your little fuck slut while your wife/girlfriend is away

  • You're the master I'm your slave

  • I'm the neighbor's wife and you want to fuck me while hubby's at work

  • Mommy/Son

  • Brother/sister

  • Babysitter

  • Small penis humiliation

  • Other, more general humiliation

  • Encouragement / Ego Building

  • I'm your grown adult daughter and you want to fuck me

  • Cuckold (hubby can participate and help with humiliation if you're into that)

  • Threesome (hubby can participate and we can use my dildo in my mouth while he fucks me, or vice versa)

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Pregnant Priss


  • Gill - 2022-07-23

    Wow I had such a great time!!! She makes you feel very welcome. Great body!!!

  • Kezi - 2020-12-14

    Definitely a must try here

  • Stevegoodwin78 - 2020-12-13

    Priss was absolutely amazing! I’ve done a solo show with her and one with her playing with her hubby, both were out of this world. Super friendly and eager to please. They talk to you and try to find out what it is that you enjoy to make the show extra enjoyable. There’s no clock watching or rushing, they really try to enjoy the experience with you. I look forward to another awesome show with them real soon!

  • Kezi - 2020-12-13

    Absolutely amazing and easy to talk with.


Pregnant Priss

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