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  • Age 36
  • Sex Female
  • Location Cambridge, Great Britain
  • Sexual orientation Bisexual
  • Speaks English
  • Eyes Blue
  • Hair Blonde
  • Constitution Slender
  • Breast size Large: DD-DDD-E
  • Height 161 cm / 5"3 inch
  • Weight 60 Kg / 132 lbs
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  • Category Girlfriend experience
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    anal milf bigboobs

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Firstly let me introduce myself, I am Sophie a very naughty open minded Blonde petite sexbomb who is always looking to get my rocks off with some very hot & horny guys who like the finer things in life! I have a very strong expertise in the art form of sex & virtual erotic filth, also in addition to this I can be dominating along with enjoying to be submissive so you can take the time to dominate me in whichever way pleases you. Where I will obey your every command! The art of a satisfying virtual sexual experience is for both parties to enjoy the ride & let go of any inhibitions to explore the sexual fantasy one requires.

I have many sexy outfits to help make our experience together as sexually satisfying as possible, so please do ask what you would like me to wear for you during our Debaucherous time together.

Being an online sexual artist & professional COCK milker I have state of the art equipment including blistering fast 150 MBPS internet, seriously overcharged gaming laptop & Hd webcam to assist in giving you the very best HD experience possible so you can see every part of me crystal clear.


Ruined orgasm
Mutual masturbation
Sissy training
Role plays
Everything sexy


Yes I am British

Yes I am Blonde

Yes I am Hot

Yes I am yours

Yes I go all the way

Yes I have outfits

Yes I have audio

Yes I have lots of toys

Yes I do DP & ANAL

Love & Kisses


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$3.70 per minute

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