Submissive Ana

Submissive Ana

5.00$ per minute

Submissive Ana

$5.00 per minute

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  • Rating
  • Age 25
  • Sex Female
  • Location London, Great Britain
  • Sexual orientation Straight
  • Speaks English
  • Eyes Blue
  • Hair Blonde
  • Constitution About Average
  • Breast size Large: DD-DDD-E

"Quality over quantity" - If real sexual chemistry is something you're seeking, then look no further. 

Are you looking for a true real life submissive? Then look no further :) I'm a well spoken, highly educated British blondie who is here to be owned, trained and learn from experienced dominants. The money is a bonus. You'll be playing with a girl who's 100% authentic, and as I'm a not a full time camgirl I'm not always available, therefore pre-booking is usually required unless I so happen to be available when you've stumbled across my profile.

PLEASE READ: Minimum of 30 minute sessions (anyone requesting for less will be automatially blocked), but the longer the better! I want us both to really enjoy a true M/S dynamic and if you are experienced in dom/sub play then you will know that it requires taking time, patience, and intellect. In return, you'll have me in a true submissive state and get the kinkiest/filthiest/dirtiest mode out of me. When you message me please include an introduction of what you're looking for.

My Likes:

  • - I love interactions and conversations
  • - I love getting to know you, and for you to know me
  • - I love mind games, for you to flirt and play with me and get me into a submissive headspace
  • - I love following instructions, and being made to feel like an obedient girl
  • - I love praises when I'm a good girl, being called a good girl makes me feel so good
  • - I love being treated like a fucktoy and a dirty ___ ;)
  • - I love mild humiliation
  • - I love dirty talk

My Dislikes

  • - extreme taboo, so nothing that violates Camlust rules, or anything that would be deemed illegal in real life
  • - being called stupid or anything similar
  • - heavy spanking my pussy (I don't find this enjoyable when it's too painful)
  • - calling you Daddy


If you've read till this point, then I'm hoping you are serious... and bonus points if you can add me on Skype with the opening line that shows me that you've read all the above ;) I will know then that we're going to have a great time! Can't wait xxx



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  • johnbenson90 - 2020-03-20

    Lucy was absolutely incredible. Great show, very sexy and knows just how to please a man! Highly recommend, thank you for a great time :)


Submissive Ana

$5.00 per minute

Send payment anonymously
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