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  • Rating
  • Age 34
  • Sex Female
  • Location Caracas, Venezuela
  • Sexual orientation Bicurious
  • Speaks Spanish, English, Portuguese, Portuguese Brazilian
  • Eyes Black
  • Hair Redhead
  • Constitution Stocky
  • Breast size Large: DD-DDD-E

I am a cheerful and funny girl; I have the flavor of the Latin woman. I am a woman addicted to parties and crazy life, I love the food of my country and I like to meet and make friends with people from different cultures.


Soy una chica alegre y spanertida; Tengo el sabor de la mujer latina. Soy una mujer adicta a las fiestas y la vida loca, me encanta la comida de mi país y me gusta conocer y hacer amistad con personas de diferentes culturas.

Eu sou uma garota alegre e spanertida; Tenho o sabor da mulher latina. Sou uma mulher viciada em festas e vida louca, adoro a comida do meu pais e gosto de conhecer e fazer amizade com pessoas de diferentes culturas.

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  • M - 2022-09-16

    Es lo mejor de este sitio/ she’s is the best in the site, beautiful woman who is willing to have fun with you

  • Stefan - 2022-02-27

    Girlfriend experience. Beautiful bbw

  • Johnny - 2021-11-17

    Very hot time with her for sure coming back

  • jb - 2021-01-24

    Waste of time

  • - 2021-01-16

    had a great time with this sexy lady. She really gets into it and made me cum so hard. Can't wait to have some more of her.



$1.00 per minute

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