1.00$ por minuto
  • Rating
  • Edad 18
  • Sexo Pareja
  • Ubicación Los Angeles, United States of America (USA)
  • Orientación sexual Bisexual
  • Habla English
  • Ojos Azul
  • Cabello Morena
  • Complexión Delgada
  • Tamaño de senos Media: C-D

College couple looking to have some fun 

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  • country_soul - 2022-10-09

    I will give a comprehensive review: They initially posted a price of 1.7/minute, but then when I requested that she put on stockings, they raised it to 3.7, which is more than double, when nothing is specified in the profile. This is still acceptable, but what was really enraging was that they were doing other things while I waited for each message, which took around 40 minutes till we started the calls. When the call started, I finally realized that she literally just put on a pair of regular short shoe socks, which has 0% to do with stockings, and there was no voice. I kept my cool and paid more than 40 dollars for plain text exchanges of "can you hear me" and "I can't hear you". Finally, after I hang up the call (I was nice and still paid for any time spent), they immediately miraculously fixed their mic. All I need was an apology. To my fellow Americans: We all prefer fellow native English speakers, but I strongly recommend you spend your money on kind foreign CAM girls instead of entitled Americans.



$1.00 por minuto


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