Anti-Money Laundering

Anti-Money Laundering and Counter-Terrorist Financing Statement

has pledged to comply without reservations with all rules and regulations encompassing Anti-Money Laundering (AML). CamLust has put into place policies that are streamlined and aimed at warding off individuals who are involved in money laundering and other fraudulent activities including crimes of a financial nature, which also includes financing terrorist organizations, from availing of CamLust’s utilities

CamLust has strict policies and comprehensive procedures in place to help identify, prevent and address dubious activity. In agreement with O.F.A.C (Office of Foreign Asset Control) conditions and worldwide embargo, we thoroughly sift through our client list and their accounts in search of names from government watch lists. Moveover, we reserve the right to require our clients to provide us with paperwork and evidence to prove their identity or in the purpose of enterprise verification. If anything suspicious is found, we are sure to alert the concerned agencies in their particular countries.

How does that impact me?

We collect information from clients who wish to sign up with CamLust to meet the provisions of our Know Your Customer code and in according with our AML process as well. Due to our stringent identification provisions and if required as a result of our aforementioned watch list examination process, we may request that you provide us with supporting documents and valid identification to confirm your identity. We may ask for documentation in aid of verifying your business as well. Clients may also be required to acquire pre-approval prior to availing of CamLust’s services should your account be deemed a high-risk type in compliance with our Acceptable Use Policy (A.U.P) which can be found here:

When is this information requested?

This may be while you or any client is in the process of signing up for an account at CamLust. Information may be requested as part of our account review process as well that we regularly conduct on our current clients.

En s'inscrivant à un compte et en utilisant les services de CamLust, nos clients acceptent également les termes et conditions susmentionnés.