Kylee Nash

Kylee Nash

5.90$ par minute
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  • Âge 38
  • Sexe Femelle
  • Emplacement Las Vegas, United States of America (USA)
  • Orientation sexuelle Bisexuel
  • Parle English
  • Yeux Bleus
  • Cheveux Brunette
  • Constitution Athlétique et Tonique
  • Tour de poitrine Large: DD-DDD-E

My name is Kylee Nash, and I am a 17-year veteran of the adult industry with 15 years of experience on webcam! I am a professional actress who has appeared in over a dozen softcore and B-movies which have aired on Cinemax, Showtime, Pay-Per-View, and all over the world. I truly get off on many fetishes and the ones that don't personally turn me on I still get really into because I love to act. Roleplay is my specialty! I enjoy vanilla shows as well, but if you want to see me get really into it, let's try something creative! If you are curious about something you've never tried before and aren't sure who to talk to, I'm your girl. I'm VERY open-minded. During your show, we can chat about your desires until you feel comfortable and ready to indulge your ultimate fantasy, or we can jump straight to the action.

Some of my favorite fetishes include:

* Taboo

* Power exchange (I am primarily dominant but sometimes sub for the right guy/scene - ask first)

* Race play

* Age play

* Muscle worship/domination

* Vore

* Giantess

* Transformation fetishes (bimbofication, growth, non-human, etc)

* Feeder/feedee

* Cuckoldress/hotwife

* Small penis humiliation

* JOI/edging/orgasm control


* Strap-on/pegging

* Sissification

* Roleplay (nurse, secretary, neighbor, teacher, babysitter, etc)

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Kylee Nash

$5.90 par minute

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