4.90$ per minute
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  • Age 25
  • Sex Couple
  • Location Travelling, Russian Federation
  • Sexual orientation Bicurious
  • Speaks English
  • Eyes Blue
  • Hair Blonde
  • Breast size Medium: C-D


Intelligent, sexy and shameless couple performing fun and kinky cam shows. We love roleplaying, wearing masks and costumes, having sex in public places, we got handcuffs and rope for bondage, etc. If you have a detailed scenario, contact us for discount or a fixed price!

We have Lovense Lush and Lovense Nora, you can have remote control over both toys during the show. If you need more info on this, just ask!

P.S. Please don't hesitate to call us. We are ordinary people, just like you and we totally understand you. Be polite and you will receive more than you expect 😉

We love entertaining YOU and are happy to hear about your special desires. We can perform a custom show perfectly tailored to your fantasies.

Want to see Batman sodomizing Catwoman? No problem. Want to see Batwoman clitfacefucking Catman? Even better!

SEXY: F, slim body, huge natural boobs, perfect round ass and angelic face.
Ask her about her fantasies and you'll be surprised what a cum-swapping spank-loving gangbang-dreaming femdom-driven bitch she is.
And then look into her angel eyes again.

LAZY: M, slim body, huge natural dick, perfect round ass and daemonic face
Every night tries fucking Sexy's ass and every time suddenly finds himself licking her clit instead.

P.S. She looks like an angel. Really. 

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  • Jason - 2020-01-02

    Easily the best couple here. Lots of passion between them. Loved them so much



$4.90 per minute

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