Acceptable Use Policy

You are solely responsible for abiding by all the applicable laws in all your actions connected to your use of CamLust’s facilities, regardless of the intention of use. Furthermore, you must conform to all the rules and regulations established in the CamLust Terms of Use.

Restricted Actions

As stated in the CamLust Terms of Use, CamLust’s services may not be used for the following:

  • Violate laws, ordinances or rules
  • Business dealings or any undertaking involving:
    • Prohibited drugs, like controlled substances and other goods that may pose a risk to the safety of other clients
    • Equipment related to the use of drugs and other narcotics
    • Articles that encourage, entice or incite others to participate in any form of unlawful activities
    • Lifted or misappropriated possessions including electronic properties
    • Objects that endorse hatred, viciousness, racism or bigotry, or the economic manipulation of a misconduct
    • Articles that are considered to be indecent or offensive
    • Items that breach or abuse any patent, brand, privacy or any registered right under the laws of any authority
    • Ammunition, handguns or certain weapon parts or fittings
    • Particular armaments or other weaponry regulated or prohibited by law
  • Activities relating to dealings that
    • Violate any laws by revealing the personal information of third parties
    • Support any form of fraud aimed to lure investors by utilizing funds collected from other previous investors, pyramid or other like get-rich-quick schemes
    • Are associated with purchases of lottery pool contracts, layaway plans, bank accounts anywhere outside the depositor’s country of residence or transactions to finance or refinance loans funded by a credit card
    • Involve pre-selling goods or any items that are still yet to be acquired by the seller
    • Are paid for by payment processors or collection agencies to collect payments on behalf of merchants
    • Sells or are in any way connected to the sale of traveler’s checks or money orders
    • Include ForEx (foreign exchange) or check cashing businesses
    • Associate credit repair, insurance or debt settlement services
  • Associate in the peddling of goods or services that may be deemed by authorities to be likely fraudulent.
  • Break laws or trade rules that apply to the sale of tobacco goods, prohibited drugs and paraphernalia.
  • Associate gaming, gambling or any other enterprise that requires an entry fee or winnings including but not limited to sports betting, horse and/or greyhound racing, lottery tickets, casino games and other similar gambling activities like skill-based games (whether or not it is legally determined as lottery) unless the operator acquires prior approval from the management at CamLust and the aforementioned operator and customers are located in areas of authority where such activities are deemed lawful and permitted.