Emily Tucker

Emily Tucker

3.00$ за минуту
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  • Возраст 26
  • Пол Женщины
  • Местонахождение Las Vegas, United States of America (USA)
  • Сексуальная ориентация Натурал
  • Говорит English
  • Глаза Голубые
  • Волосы Блонд
  • Телосложение Спортивный и в тонусе
  • Размер груди Средний: C-D
  • Рост 157 cm / 5"2 inch
  • Вес 46 Kg / 101 lbs
  • Социальные сети
  • Категории Regular
  • Keywords

    milf bigboobs

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Hi my name is Emily and I'm new here 😌 I came for some fun!! I'm open to most fetishes :) and i also run weekly sugardaddy deals <3 ask me about them and other deals set up to what youre looking for. pictures, videos and video calls or phone calls. Become a regular customer and get a bigger discount. I have tons of toys and outfits for you to choose from. I also provides extras like panties and socks for those interested. message me on skype to get started as ill see it sooner than on here :)

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  • Steve - 2022-08-02

    Terrible. She ended the show early, about half way because she claimed someone name home. 5 months later and she still refuses to finish the show. Avoid at all costs, you need warned.

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Emily Tucker

$3.00 за минуту

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