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  • Age 33
  • Sex Female
  • Location Warsaw, Poland
  • Sexual orientation Bisexual
  • Speaks English
  • Eyes Green
  • Hair Dark Blonde
  • Constitution Athletic and Toned
  • Breast size Medium: C-D
  • Height 164 cm / 5"5 inch
  • Weight 54 Kg / 119 lbs
  • Category Regular
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Hello, I am here to have a great time online just as you are. I express great pleasure by teasing you and arousing you. I like men who know how to treat a girl, I will let you find more about me and my angel/devil sides as we have fun in my room. Do not forget to rate me and if you really enjoyed your time with me - become a part of my FAN CLUB.

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  • Sissy - 2023-02-06

    Janika is a classy positive and open minded friendly woman. She is very enthusiastic in her shows and doing a great job. What a amazing and beautiful woman. She train me how to act like a attractive woman and making hot somebody.

  • Shane - 2022-12-22

    Janika is a top models She is a kindest, Sweetest, Loveable Person.

  • Shane - 2022-12-15

    Beautiful Lady. Awesome has always

  • Shane - 2022-12-15

    Loved the Show

  • Shane - 2022-12-15

    She got beautiful voice, Her attitude is too good. always feels satisfied :)

  • Shane - 2022-12-15

    Awesome body language . way of treating customer is too good

  • Shane - 2022-12-15

    Awesome lady. I recommend her always.

  • Sissy - 2022-12-13

    I had a great show with Miss Janika. She is a elegant and sympathetic lady and we had a lot of fun together.

  • Hunter - 2022-11-24

    Wow what a beautiful and sexy lady. English is great and she will please you.

  • dbrookboy - 2022-10-27

    Jankia was great fun great body and made me cum hard



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