2.00$ per minute
  • Rating
  • Age 21
  • Sex Female
  • Location Miami, United States of America (USA)
  • Sexual orientation Bisexual
  • Speaks English
  • Eyes Brown
  • Hair Black
  • Constitution Slender
  • Breast size Medium: C-D

Hi I'm Stephanie 💙 

I'm a hot, sweet filipina located in Miami FL, USA. I'm ready to play and be your submissive little $lut. I was a cheerleader in college and currently do professional modeling. Just imagine how much fun my tight little body would be to watch. 💋

Rate:  $2/min 


What i can do in my show:

💙 dirty talk (submissive or dom)
💙 striptease 
💙 nipple play 
💙 penetration (vaginal) 
💙 oral on dildo                                                💙 squirting
💙 vush vibrator 
💙 mutual masturbation (just fingers)
💙 live genuine orgasm 


Roleplay Specialties ❤️‍🔥

~ mommy kink

~ stepdaughter/stepsister

~ professor/ student 

~ virgin fantasy 

~ teen/ amateur fantasy

~ rap3 fantasy 

~ babysitter 

~ You can pitch any Roleplay scenario or script 


-absolutely no filming or screenshotting stills of me or legal action WILL be taken 


-no requesting anal penetration with dildo (still working on training my tight hole)


-no contacting for anything other than scheduling appointments


-ALWAYS pay upfront I will set timer, so if you did not finish in time (very rare lol) you must send more payment 


Sexting 💙

~ i also offer sexting $1/min

~ just nudes/ videos  $10/3 pics  $20/3 videos

Clothing Options💙

1.Natural comfy clothes & strip tease, clothes heels & strip tease

3.bra panty


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  • james - 2023-01-14

    Attractive girl who know how to use her smile and body for make you addicted. Love to be an actress and make the roleplays so enjoyable. Impossible to regret a show with her. Respect and take care of her and so she will give 100% of herself during her show.

  • sol - 2023-01-14

    Really hot and really nice, great experience:)

  • Lambu - 2023-01-11

    Stephanie is such a wholesome and wonderful human! She is sexy as hell, really nice to talk to, funny and playful but can be the only woman you ever want to see. 100% recommendation to have a call with her. You sure won't regret it!!!

  • Fred1994 - 2023-01-09

    VERY great voiced actress, very commited as well, will be back DEFINITELY!

  • This. Girl. Is. OTHER WORDLY HOT!!!... - 2023-01-08

    She's an incredible roleplayer and literally one of the most sexy women I ever seen! Beautiful, talkative - with the right amount of NASTY! This girl is 10/10 - 5 stars out of 5 stars AMAZING! Book a show with her - you will NOT regret it!!!

  • niceguy609 - 2023-01-07

    a very beautiful hot sexy woman . had a very good time with our call . I think or believe we both got off on our call . very willing to please you anyway she can . She will just about do anything you ask her . I sure blew a good load of cum for her . Wow she has a very hot body I like everything about her . seems to like to have fun for sure !!! I would love to have her ride me any day !!



$2.00 per minute

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