3.00$ pe minut
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  • Vârstă 18
  • Sex Femeie
  • Locație Moscow, Russian Federation
  • Orientare sexuală Bisexual
  • Vorbește English
  • Ochi Verde
  • Păr Dark Brown
  • Constituție Zvelt
  • Mărime sâni Medii: C-D

Hello my dear. I'm here for the first time, but I already have experience on such sites. If you will be alone in the evening or you just want to relax, I will be glad to see you in my room. I am always glad to keep company, support any conversation, be your psychologist, friend or sex girlfriend. Now I will tell you a little about myself. My name is Athena and I am 18 years old. Why am I here? I think the answer is simple - now is a hard time with work. I lost my job and ended up here, now I'm glad I'm here and my big goal at the moment is to buy a car. I will get my license in February and really want to buy my car. I am an interesting person, I have many interests and I always strive to learn something new and discover this wonderful world. I love nature, I rollerblade, skate, bike, motorcycle and car, I love to spend time in nature. Another hobby of mine is cooking, I love this process so much. And yes, I dance all the time and often listen to music, it gives me energy, I used to dance, swim, wrestle and box, but I had to give it all up. If you want to know more about me, just write to me, I'll be waiting for you! Thank you for your attention♥

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  • Eddie Regalado - 2022-02-18

    So beautiful and so amazing on cam, really sweet and so kind, i will never forget this women.

  • Eddie Regalado - 2022-02-05

    This women is one of the most beautiful women ive ever seen, very sweet and kind and one perfect body, the time with her was amazing.

  • R - 2022-02-04

    Unbelievable Super nice super friendly Listens to all that you want Perfect show



$3.00 pe minut

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