2.50$ pe minut
  • Rating
  • Vârstă 29
  • Sex Cuplu
  • Locație milan, Italy
  • Orientare sexuală Bisexual
  • Vorbește English, Italian, Spanish
  • Ochi Maro
  • Păr Dark Brown
  • Constituție Atletic și tonifiat
  • Mărime sâni Mici: A-B
  • Înălțime 163 cm / 5"4 inch
  • Greutate 45 Kg / 99 lbs
  • Categorie BDSM/Fetiș
  • Distribuie


We re a real couple,married for 7 years,we re swinger and both bsx,we love sex in all its forms and we live it joy and without any taboos.!

ALICE is a gorgeus woman who love fitness,coocking ,and play games.,she has a perfect body,with incredible legs and  ass and strong perfect biceps

She has a great passion for fetish,latex,high heels,stocking and pantihouse,she has a fantastique feet like a true goddess who loves to be licked and sex she s real passionate of deep slow and sloppy blowjob,where she manages to put his ball in mouth with cock at same time!

Another great passion of her is rimming,where no one can do better than ALICE,IN FACT SHE POLISHES,LICKS AND SUCKS DAVE HOLE FOR HOURS,SHE PLAYNG WITH IT IN WEIRD AND IMAGINATIVE WAYS,for example she love eating and licking cream spray or chocolate or honey from dave's asshole !

Dave is an exceptional handsome man with a nice 20cm cock and a fantastic ass, he loves playing sports, reading good books and playing video games. 

As a couple we love the most perverse and strange things, in particular we love the world of domination, where Alice turns into a perfect slave, eager and grateful to get spit in the face, tongue and throat by her beloved Dave...who punishes her by really whipping them very strong her pussy until it turns red, he also whips her ass and tits in a very decisive way, she gets her feet, armpits, ass licked for hours, she gets massaged for a long time then cumming in her nose or throat.

Being very accomplices  and always looking for new strong emotions, sometimes we swap roles, and alice becomes a dominant and perverse panther, buttfucking dave very hard with strap-ons and giant dildos, spitting in her mouth and filling him with warm liquid, as well as schaiffs and severe lashes!

we are very exhibitionists and we like to share our true and real intimacy with polite and generous people, being sex lovers and perverted enough to entertain anyone! we like to create real friendships with really generous and nice people, fulfilling their every desire and fantasy, even if just simply having 4 chats a day, or following our porn routine! we also make custom videos and sell games, underwear and shoes that are worn and smelling of alice.
WITH us you will never regret the time you spend because we are a REAL hot and perverted COUPLE, we are kind, friendly and we love sex like you!
Don't hesitate ... enter our world!


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$2.50 pe minut

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