1.00$ pe minut
  • Rating
  • Vârstă 18
  • Sex Femeie
  • Locație Medellin, Colombia
  • Orientare sexuală Heterosexual
  • Vorbește English, Spanish
  • Ochi Negru
  • Păr Negru
  • Constituție Zvelt
  • Mărime sâni Mici: A-B

Hello, I'm Karly, a sweet and horny sensual brunette Latin model, in me you will find a naughty and horny young girl, I like to be observed, enjoy every moment, you can do with me the things you like the most, I am open-minded and I am willing to do what you want to please you, you will love my blowjob, I love sucking it, I will be online so add me and tell me what you would like to do. Kisses

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  • Fred - 2022-10-12

    Does not talk to the mic, types everything. Fakes that does not hear you in order to take time up from the call.



$1.00 pe minut

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