2.00$ pe minut
  • Rating
  • Vârstă 32
  • Sex Femeie
  • Locație La Union, Philippines
  • Orientare sexuală Heterosexual
  • Vorbește English
  • Ochi Negru
  • Păr Negru
  • Constituție Zvelt
  • Mărime sâni Mici: A-B
  • Înălțime 146 cm / 4"9 inch
  • Greutate 40 Kg / 88 lbs
  • Categorie Star porno
  • Distribuie

Hi, I'm Lucy from Asia. I am looking forward to hearing your requests and making you happy and giving you pleasure.

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  • niceguy609 - 2023-01-27

    A very super hot and very sexy woman . Wow had a very hot and sexy time with her . She is willing to satisfy in just about in anyway way she can to make sure you blow your load for her . She gets off with you also and is very energetic about it . Had a very good time with here !! A very hot and horny woman !! She got my full load and was very happy to do it for me !

  • TheDudeAndSuch - 2022-11-09

    Delightfully perverse ball of sexual energy

  • thx - 2022-10-26

    great show from this lady. dont miss out on her

  • Goal - 2022-09-30

    Always a pleasure with this wonderful lady.

  • Kyle - 2022-09-25

    Great show! Cutest model and does everything I asked!

  • Rik - 2022-09-06

    She is lovely and has great energy. Sexy little Pinay who likes to enjoy herself

  • Goal - 2022-06-04

    A pleasure as always

  • Goal - 2022-05-21

    Another wonderful sexy show with this gorgeous kinky little lady.

  • Goal - 2022-05-04

    Wonderful to reconnect with Lucy, who I knew through another site. Gorgeous body, kinky mind, and a very talented mouth.

  • p - 2022-04-13




$2.00 pe minut

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