3.00$ за минуту
  • Rating
  • Возраст 33
  • Пол Женщины
  • Местонахождение n/a, Romania
  • Сексуальная ориентация Бисексуал
  • Говорит English, French, Spanish
  • Глаза Карие
  • Волосы Dark Brown
  • Телосложение Около среднего
  • Размер груди Средний: C-D

Hey there. I am **Anne**. I have over 10 years experience in camming. If you need some positive vibes, a naughty  and a really fun time I may be your best choice . I love a great conversation and  I enjoy sexuality in all it's senses.

✨I speak fluent English! I also speak French and Spanish✨

✨HD experience ✨

✨I offer you an HD experience in all our shows, I enjoy talking, but if you want me to type that won't be a problem at all. Either way you feel more comfortable, like cam to cam or not, talking or typing, I will make sure we spend a quality time together.
✨I am all aware I cannot fulfill everybody's expectations, so please just take me how I am or pass.

What do I do in my shows?
◼️ full nudity
◼️ dirty talk
◼️ striptease
◼️ anal
◼️ masturbation
◼️ live orgasm/squirt
◼️ blowjobs
◼️ handjobs
◼️ double penetration
◼️ footjobs
◼️ JOI
◼️ CEI
◼️ SPH
◼️ countdowns
◼️ cuckolds
◼️ denial
◼️ girlfriend experience
◼️ roleplays
◼️ domination
◼️ oil shows etc.


What toys do I have?
✔️ dildo 
✔️ glass toy
✔️ butt plug
✔️ anal beads
✔️ love balls

⭐ Lush Domi Nora⭐
Iif you want access to my Lovense app the price per minute will go up with 1$ for one toy, 1.5$ for 2 toys or 2$ for all 3 of them.


What outfits do I have?
✔️ high heels/ stiletto/ sandals/ boots
✔️ leggings
✔️ skirts
✔️ dresses
✔️ bras and panties
✔️ stockings
✔️ pantyhose
✔️ nylons/fishnets
✔️ bodysuit
✔️ schoolgirl
✔️ stewardess
✔️ nurse
✔️ secretary
✔️ glasses 
✔️ shorts
✔️ jeans
✔️ casual outfits etc


✨ As you could read more up, I love offering you a girlfriend experience. Please check my gallery for weekly packages! 


Anything else you want in your girlfriend experience with me, feel free to type me and I will create a special offer for you!

For prepaid shows you can get some DISCOUNTS⚡: ♥️ 500-600$ prepaid show you get 5% more time with me
♥️ 600-700$ prepaid show you get 6% more time with me
♥️ 700-800$ prepaid show you get 7% more time with me
♥️ 800-900$ prepaid show you get 8% more time with me
♥️ 900-1000$ prepaid show you get 9% more time with me
♥️ over 1000$ prepaid show you get 10% more time with me + 5 photos custom made for you

✨ You can also schedule a show with me. Please check out the usual times when you can find me online before doing that. If you want me out of my normal schedule it will cost you 50% more,  the minimum amount must be 300$ and you must book the call at least 24 hours before  ;)

Custom photos and videos
♥️ 28$ - 5 minutes video
♥️ 53$ - 10 minutes video                  
♥️ 75$ - 15 minutes video    
♥️ 95$ - 20 minutes video
♥️ 112$ - 25 minutes video

♥️ 126$ - 30 minutes video
♥️ 176$ - 45 minutes video                  
♥️ 201$ - 60 minutes video

♥️ 30$ 10 pics
♥️ 50$  20 pics
♥️ 70$  30 pics
✨All prices are made for custom made photos and videos, that I create exclusively for you. You cannot share or spread them around!
✨For any demand of photos or videos you must prepay and from that moment you will have them in maximum 7 days!

⭐ Please remember to RATE me after our calls⭐

Feel free to #follow me on TWITTER

!!! IMPORTANT !!! I will end by telling you some important rules that I would love to be respected for a great communication between you and me:
❣️ Please take a moment to read my profile description so we do not waste each other's time with questions that I've already answered you here! Feel free to ask anything you didn't find or it's not clear for you!
❣️ Please be patient and wait for my reply back, because if I do not do it right away I may be busy with another show and once I am done I will reply you! 
❣️ Please do not call before asking me! I may be in another show and you interrupt it. I am sure you wouldn't like that to happen during our show.

❣️Please do not record our show without my consent. If you will, I will close our call and there will be no refund for it! 
❣️ Please do not ask me if you can call now and call later, even after short time, somebody could do it already!
❣️ Please do not ask for discounts. What I can offer you is already here!
❣️I  only speak English, Spanish and French. Please do not type me in other languages because you make it difficult for me to answer and I may not have the time to use Translate option unless we are in a show!
❣️ Please do not ask me to change my outfit before our call! You may forget to call :). You can see what i am wearing to the last teaser I posted on my profile. Just check it out!
❣️ I do not offer group shows!
❣️ Please do not ask me to call you 5 seconds to see me before our show! All you need is here! All I ask is for your respect because you already have mine. I am one, you are many. Let's just make everything easy to manage!

❣️Please do not record our show without my consent. If you will, I will close our call and there will be no refund for it!


Фото и видео

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  • Peter20000 - 2022-07-16

    Such great body and acting skills too, never geting tired and always at her best level!

  • Alex29 - 2022-07-16

    my gosh, this is the best deal every time, more than worth her price. Almost come when she takes her sexy clothes off. Perfect plays!

  • Mark - 2022-06-29

    great :)

  • Martin - 2022-06-27

    sexy, fantastic, all of the above, amazing show, would do it again and again. Love her my dick was so hard.

  • Milen - 2022-05-22


  • Eddie Regalado - 2022-03-15

    One of my favorites i aleays come back to, when she takes control it feels amazing and if she lets you cum it feels incredible, love this beautiful women.

  • arildo - 2021-10-08


  • Eddie Regalado - 2021-09-05

    One of my favorite models, she knows how to please you and one sexy body, makes you want to cam early every time, I highly recommend.

  • Eddie Regalado - 2021-03-26

    I will always be loyal to this beautiful women, no one like her or will ever come close, I can't get enough of her and she always makes me want more.

  • Odin - 2021-02-27

    0% repetition, looks only on the money.

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