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  • Rating
  • Возраст 29
  • Пол Женщины
  • Местонахождение pooo, Poland
  • Сексуальная ориентация Лесбиянка
  • Говорит English
  • Глаза Карие
  • Волосы Dark Brown
  • Телосложение Стройный
  • Размер груди Средний: C-D

When my bitches ask: "What do you like, Mistress?" The answer to this question can only be answered in one direction and only one way. MISS YOU ALL CONTROL !!!! Whether it's financial or depriving you of all masculinity ... ME is the one who has all the management and that you are completely vulnerable and helpless, which I like best. I can do this in many ways. I'll make you kneel and worship any part of my body: toes, legs,ass, or maybe even my huge 9-inch strap. My pleasure is the only thing that matters. So... You are here to serve me as a bottom bitch, strap-on whore, cuckold, pin-dick, subby or cock-sucking sissy. The one place you will always belong is directly beneath me. While I sit on your face, you will confess your sexual insecurities, lacking manhood, inferior dispositions and sexual humiliations.

You want to make Me happy, so put on your stockings, get a nice lipstick and a nice large smile, the tea is served at 5’o clock!
Why I Am Here:
I am here because somebody must slap you when you are doing wrong..
And who better than me? Beautiful, powerful and merciless, I am about to crash you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I can be also soft, sensual and seductive Mistress. take u under my hypnotic sexual spell... control with pleasure... beauty and power!!!

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  • Den - 2022-09-22

    Perfect Perfect Perfect

  • mmb - 2022-09-22

    Absolutely amazing

  • DY - 2022-09-07

    Perfect like everytime! Best Woman on the Site. 10 Stars

  • alonr - 2022-08-26

    best damn Mistress ive ever encountered So beautiful, sexy body, just a perfect girl that will make you go crazy. great communication and fluent english speaker

  • Chris - 2022-08-25

    The perfect Mistress ! strict and skillful! I will definitely visit her again!

  • Anon - 2022-07-28

    Amazing JOI with a gorgeous Mistress. Will be back for more.

  • Den - 2022-05-04

    Best Woman on the site. Does everything what you like. Very attractive and gently

  • slave - 2022-03-21

    best mistress

  • Arno - 2022-02-04

    Ridiculous! wanna you waste your money she is the best one for you! she will not be nude! bc she dont want it! she is rude and angry all the time, maybe she thinks thats great but that shit! i really dont understand the positive rates!

  • Plust - 2022-01-28

    Awesome, just listen or else

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