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  • Rating
  • Age 18
  • Sex Female
  • Location sofia, Bulgaria
  • Sexual orientation Bisexual
  • Speaks English
  • Eyes Blue
  • Hair Brunette
  • Constitution Athletic and Toned
  • Breast size Small: A-B


hello! young naughty girl with pretty smile and hot tight holes ready to have some fun mmmm...pinky pussy, tight ass and pretty puffy nipples wanan feel your touchings... toys and real sweet english is good, so we can be real inspiration for each other..

wanna feel how u penetrate me hard and i will be so wet and squirt... even we can have naughty dirty play mmmm...wanna be your perfect woman and perfect bad girl in bed) 


P.S. I love a lot of fetishes, equipment and sex experiments, so we can have long hot fun together! wait for you, my hot lover


P.P.S pls be kind to me as a model, and follow site rules

* Do not record me. If I notice I'll stop a show, ban you and write to support.

* Discount only for long show

* Don't ask me to do  things prohibited by the rules of the site                                                                                                                        

* If you pay or call , so you automatically accept all the rules above    

* I am a verified model

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  • - 2022-08-03

  • Max - 2022-07-10

    Awesome girl!

  • Flo - 2022-07-04

    Amazing Show great Woman Must see

  • DaddyPhreak - 2021-11-04

    Mmmm damn she is so hot! And that pussy is amazing! Such a tight little perfect pussy!

  • DaddyPhreak - 2021-10-28

    Mmmm so hot! She gets really into it and loves to please and she has a beautiful tight pussy mmmm

  • Jack - 2021-10-25

    So sexy and hot girl :)

  • - 2021-06-29

    wow, amazing!

  • Karl - 2021-06-27

    Wow, this girl is hot!

  • Eddie Regalado - 2021-06-21

    This women knows how to work the camera, love how sensual she can be with teasing and dirty talking is really good, she can speak English and has a nice body, totally worth the time I got to spend with her, I will buy again soon.

  • Hi - 2021-06-09



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